Award-Winning Author Announces Second Book in Work of Fiction Series on the Solutions to Humanity’s Problems

Shariff Abdullah reminds humankind that hatred and violence will destroy us but when can have a better future through dialogue and collaboration

Portland, OR – The world is full of anger, hatred, and violence fuelled by greed and the unhealthy and endless desire for dominance. Racism and bigotry preached by influential people with a large following have turned the world against itself. The result is going to be a devastating calamity of unimaginable proportion. Unless humanity comes together and creates a new society based on equity, respect, and collaboration, the future is not secured.

Dr. Shariff Abdullah, award-winning author, and advocate for inclusivity and societal transformation, has a solution to bring the world together for global peace, harmony, and progress. In his book, “The Chronicles of the Awakening,” he presents a solution to a problem that is threatening to tear apart the fabrics of society.

“The Chronicles of the Awakening” is the second book of the “The Chronicles” series, a work of fiction on the solutions to humanity’s problems. The series promotes human vision, responsible leadership, and initiative to solve society’s challenges, not miracles, aliens, and impossible technologies.

The first book, “The Chronicles of the Upheavals,” talks about the destruction of human society where billions of people perished. The event known as “The Upheavals” resulted from humanity’s failure to live together peacefully. Despite the events of The Upheavals, humanity survived with the help of the Awakening Movement’s visionary work, catalyzed by the mysterious “Culture Council.” They rescued street kids and thought them the ways of Awakening Center’s as they grew up to become wise and strong, preparing to create a new world.

“The Chronicles of the Awakening” continues the saga after 30 years have passed. Street kids in book one are now wise, becoming leaders in the Awakening movement. Through these kids’ eyes, the audience can see how the upheavals affected different continents, including Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. The kids offer leadership in their effort to bring peace to the world, facing class warfare in California, negotiating with jungle tyrants, taming a destructive quantum computer, and finding shelter for billions of people affected by global climate change. Despite the awakening’s success, there are still politicians, militias, drug-addicts, religious zealots, warlords, and fundamentalists who want things to go back to the sorry state they were.

It’s a work of fiction that provides a template for a possible cause of action the world can take to become more peaceful and responsible for humanity’s sake, without greed, selfishness, violence, or war.

Dr. Shariff Abdullah is speaking to humanity to take a step back and find ways to reconcile, heal, save the world, and end political and climate challenges that threaten to swallow us all. He wants us to wake up and take charge of the world and work together as one human race to create a better future for all.

“The next step for humanity’s future is clear: it is time for us to GROW UP. To stop acting like we are combating tribes or competing children and become one species, an integral part of a healing Earth. All of the problems humanity faces stems from the limitations of our consciousness. We must move beyond those limitations. Right now. But… HOW? How do we become beings focused on our future, rather than focused on satisfying our greed in the present? That is our short term challenge. That is the question we must answer NOW, if humanity is to survive. Answering that question is the fundamental purpose of these books.”

About Dr. Shariff Abdullah

Dr. Shariff Abdullah is an award-winning author who received a BA in Psychology from Clark University in Massachusetts and went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree from Boston University. During his law practice in North Carolina, Shariff’s clients ranged from indigent clients seeking better housing to successful business people exploring new ways to serve their communities. He’s been into activism and empowerment since the 1960s, rendering his support for community engagements helping people in need. His work includes community and economic development projects, transforming society by shifting consciousness, creating sustainable, inclusive, empowered, and value-driven individuals and organizations.

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