TruFIT Customs Is Changing the Way People Get Custom Night Guards, Retainers and More

Custom dental care has never been this easy and affordable.

Technology has advanced to a degree that it can achieve excellent milestones for every industry — fast and easy. And it does play a major role in the dental industry as major dental care devices can now be produced conveniently and affordably through 3D technology. TruFIT Customs utilizes 3D printing to provide dental customers with excellent custom-fit retainers, night guards, whitening kits and many other dental products. Advanced 3D technology is altering the lens through which people view and create custom products. No longer are objects held to a singular physical form, but can readily be scanned to a digital file and printed back in a different medium.

TruFIT is everyone’s one-stop-shop for high-quality custom dental care. Its mission is to manufacture custom products that are affordable and convenient to use, so they work hard to achieve that in every product they release. The team is dedicated to making this process as simple for the customers as possible by providing high-quality necessities — such as dental care — without breaking their banks.

For one, TruFIT customers can order online and have their custom products delivered to them for only $95. The company offers new customers with its special Starter Kit & Custom Product. After purchase, they ship an impression kit to the customer and deliver their custom product, such as a night guard, directly to their door.

With this system, customers can easily replace their night guards prior to the build-up of dental plaque and stinky odors that could affect their oral health. The product is so comfortable they may even forget they’re wearing it. After a customer has submitted their impression and received their first custom product they become a TruFIT member, and there is no need to retake their impressions. They can order online at TruFIT’s member store anytime for as little as $40 and get their custom dental product delivered in less than a week.

For people interested in getting started, the TruFIT Starter Kit includes a custom TruFIT product of the customer’s choice, two retainers, a night guard, whitening trays with a six-month whitening gel, an impression kit, a dental case and cleaning tablets. They will have a chance to further customize their products on the order form. The company is also developing other custom products such as orthotics, shoes, and earbuds. TruFIT Customs is on a mission to make your everyday lifestyle products, tailored-made just for you.

All in all, TruFIT Customs is a great alternative for those who are looking for dental quality custom products without the waiting rooms and high cost.

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TruFIT Customs provides affordable custom-fit retainers, night guards, whitening kits and many other dental products.

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