Celebrate ‘Pain Free for Life Day’

Helping the over 1.5 billion people in the world suffering from chronic pain.

From the creators of the microcurrent therapy device, comes Pain Free for Life Day. In celebration, the company is offering ten percent off everything in their online store and releasing a new ebook, “What is Microcurrent?” as well as leading up to a new product reveal later in the week.

“There are over 1.5 billion people in the world suffering from Chronic Pain as we speak. Unfortunately, many of these people have resigned themselves to a lifetime of pain. Pain Free For Life Day is critical to raise awareness that there is a way to break that cycle, eradicate your pain, and take your life back, like so many before you,” said Rob Vanbergen, President of Pain Free For Life.

Known for the Avazzia Life Evolution, which is a microcurrent therapy device that provides prescription-level pain relief without medication. Anyone can buy this product without a doctor’s prescription. The Genesis eradicates chronic pain for the 1.5 billion people who suffer.

The device provides treatment of muscle pain, chronic inflammation, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, stubborn scar tissue, stimulation of soft tissue to promote healing, and more. It takes the guesswork out of conducting microcurrent treatment at home.

Founders of Pain Free For Life, Dr. Lorry and Dr. John Hache, known as the Mother and Father of modern-day MicroCurrent Therapy, were sought out by the first microcurrent device companies to create the medical protocol necessary to experience the full benefits of any microcurrent device. The Haches, along with their son Rob, who joined the organization at 18-years-old, have dedicated their lives to helping the over 1.5 billion people suffering from chronic pain resolve their challenges and get off drugs permanently.

If anyone could be the poster child for the effectiveness of natural pain resolution and microcurrent therapy, it would be Rob Vanbergen. As a child, Rob suffered from both debilitating anxiety and extensive scoliosis issues. Neither holistic nor conventional medical remedies brought relief. But when Rob discovered the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ and followed it, his issues were resolved. He now enjoys vibrant and lasting physical and mental health.

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