Incorporating Upstart Epoxy’s resin into DIY projects while at home

Proudly made in the USA and helping support local communities one art project at a time.

During the months spent in quarantine, many have been searching for a new, therapeutic hobby to keep them busy with all the free time. There’s a fairly new trend that’s popularity has grown steadily in the DIY community ever since, and that’s epoxy resin art! Not only is the final result satisfying, the process takes just enough time to occupy a person stuck inside.

Epoxy resin is a combination of chemicals that work together to harden and create a durable and strong material. It can harden into an object when using a mold, or be added as a finish for existing objects. That may not sound very interesting just yet, but here’s why resin art is sweeping the Internet.

Epoxy resin art is not as intimidating as other DIY methods, and doesn’t require prior artistic abilities. Even beginners can create beautiful projects, especially when using tabletop, an epoxy that works seamlessly for first-timers. Resin art is a carefree medium, so it’s not necessary to have a project completely planned out before starting. All one does is mix, pour, and cure until it’s hardened. As the summer months arrive, it’s an even better time to make epoxy resin art a new hobby- it’s safe to use both indoors and outdoors, so it’s a perfect way to get some fresh air and have fun while socially distancing.

Also, epoxy resin is very versatile and can be used with other materials or to create multiple things. There’s a plethora of stunning outcomes it can create: river tables, candles, serving trays, charcuterie boards, earrings, countertops, paintings, coasters, and more. Rather give old items a new feel instead of creating brand new things? Use tabletop or deep pour epoxy to give them an updated finish. Epoxy resin is the best way to upgrade any space at a fraction of the cost.

All that is needed is the epoxy resin and hardener, a covered surface, mixing sticks, reusable cups, measuring cups, mica powders (optional), molds, and a little creativity. Whether it’s adding on another skill, looking for a new hobby to stay busy, or just wanting to try it out, epoxy resin art is a great way to incorporate a little more art in one’s life. The possibilities are endless!

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