Ketchup Labs Rolls Out Latest Software To Help Land Investors

Ketchup Labs is a start-up studio focused on helping bootstrapped startups bring their ideas and businesses to life.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – Ketchup Labs is currently in the works of releasing one of their greatest achievements yet, – a software to helping founders pitch their ideas through a beautiful and attractive landing page for fundraising; compared to the conventionally boring pitch presentation. The software will be rolled out on April 1, 2021, and the management at Ketchup Labs is extremely excited to be sharing such an incredible tool with all budding entrepreneurs yet to fulfill their dreams.

Built its way up from a $50,000 bonus, Travis Lee (The Profit CNBC, entrepreneur) and Andrew Goei (CES Award winner, entrepreneur) co-founded Ketchup Labs to help young, bootstrapped individuals launch their business ideas. The company is a foundation of success as it promotes the idea of bright and focused young adults with a dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

Since the initiation of the company in 2019, Andrew and Travis have helped their clients with fundraising, operations, design, and branding. Today, Ketchup Labs has raised over 1.2 million dollars for its clients proving 2021 to already be more than a successful year.

Being entrepreneurs themselves, Travis and Andrew know the importance of funding at an early stage more than anyone. Together with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, web developers, digital marketers, business advisors, and investors, they help secure funding to committed, ambitious, and passionate entrepreneurs with the most amazing ideas.

Their common bond is that they are all triggered by the idea of getting ambitious ventures launched off the ground. The group of successful founders represents an accumulated network and insight that has proven immensely valuable to the Ketchup Labs community.

About the Company:

The core mission at Ketchup Labs is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality by building scalable businesses in a faster and smarter way. Each of their labs is designed with a purpose, to provide founders with unparalleled resources and the best tools in order for them to succeed so that more groundbreaking ideas such as can come to life in the future.

The Advisory Lab is for both lean founders and seed-funded start-ups which includes a start-up advisor for founders to scale their businesses. The role of a startup advisor is to provide mentoring and advice for the beneficial decisions that need to be made, especially during the initial stages of the launch. Ketchup Labs provides seasoned experts for their clients, as they are crucial for every early age startup.

Founders can attract users with their brand identity through their Tech and Design Lab. This includes project consultation, brand analysis, website launch, design, and edits. Their world-class software and professional development teams hold the competency to turn the client’s dream into reality. From enterprise solutions to simple mobile applications, Ketchup Labs can do it all.

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