Musical Artist Trent Toney Aims to Capture Listeners Nationwide with New Song “Close to You”

Musical Artist Trent Toney Aims to Capture Listeners Nationwide with New Song "Close to You"

Some people are born with the unmistakable desire to follow a particular path. For Trent Toney, it was the path of becoming a musician. Currently based in Hillsboro, Oregon, the acoustic singer-songwriter is captivating audiences with his unique music that merges the charm of indie, folk, and alternative pop genres.

Trent Toney’s journey in music began at the early age of seven years old when his parents enrolled him in piano lessons. It lasted until he graduated high school, and it became one of the main instruments he uses for his craft today, besides the guitar. “I like making easy-to-listen-to music, something you could throw on while you’re driving and just feel that vibe,” he said. 

Asked when he started thinking of music as a career, Trent Toney shared that music flowed naturally, but he never intentionally thought of it as a full-time job until after college. As a kid, he would pick up small gigs here and there, play at church, take part in various productions, and take music-related classes in school, but that was as far as he went. Eventually, upon seeing the success of one of his videos, Trent realized that there is much more to his music than treating it as a mere hobby. 

While in college, Trent Toney posted a viral video on YouTube, garnering the artist over 2.5 million views on the platform. Furthermore, in 2017, Trent invested more time into his music. He would play five shows a week, at times multiple shows a day, write hundreds of songs, and land gigs to pay for studio time.

After a time of hustling, the artist came across the likes of Matt Grecco, owner of the Rye Room Studios, who mentored Trent to find his authentic sound. “My team is just people I’d want to hang out with and people who actually care about me, I’m blessed,” remarked the artist on the social media and production team behind his masterfully crafted productions.

Trent Toney creates music that features a harmony of universal and personal feelings. After years of his life to his music, Trent proudly says that he is authentic when it comes to songwriting. Music came as a therapy for the artist during the tough times of his life. It provided a safe space for him to express and translate his pain into art. “I had a pretty tough breakup with my girlfriend at the time, and I was going through some tough stuff, so I locked myself in my room, learned guitar, and just wrote songs for months,” Trent said. 

Though his decision to focus on music came from heartbreak, his newest inspiration comes in the form of new love. Trent’s newest song is called “Close to You,” which he wrote about a girl he met at a gig right before the quarantine hit. The song was written while in lockdown, and it was a result of social sadness: a lack of social interaction that had him wishing he were spending that time in lockdown with someone else. “Close to You” perfectly encapsulates the feeling of wanting to be close to someone yet still being a world apart from them.

With his genuine lyrics and captivating sound, Trent Toney was able to build a loyal fanbase in Hillsboro, supporting his craft over the years. The artist expresses that he finds it difficult to predict where his career would be in five years. But because he was able to establish his community, there’s no doubt that Trent is here to stay and conquer. From Oregon, he aims to take his music on tour across the country and amplify what he has to say musically to more listeners. 

To connect and learn more about Trent Toney, visit his website.

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