Cutback Coach Uses 2-way Text Messaging, Helping Members Reduce Alcohol Consumption

The SMS experience seems to be paying off, with 80%+ of members tracking their drinks on a daily basis, and an average reduction of 29% alcohol consumption in one month.

San Francisco, CA – Cutback Coach, the first-of-its-kind platform for proactive alcohol health, is taking a differentiated go-to-market strategy, foregoing app development and instead prioritizing 2-way SMS for their core product experience. After launching and announcing its $3.1M seed fundraise in January, Cutback Coach is now primed to define a new wellness category, mindful alcohol consumption, via text messaging with clients.

After partnering with leading automation provider Braze in mid-2020 to power the SMS experience, Cutback Coach is sharing numbers about how text messaging has been the game changer for members seeking to lessen their alcohol consumption. With 80% of Cutback Coach members tracking their consumption on a daily basis, the company reports users are seeing an average reduction of 29% alcohol consumption in one month with the program. They point to SMS as key to these promising early results.

“Through SMS and a simple text message-based engagement model, Cutback Coach meets customers where they are and latches on to existing habits to seamlessly fit into our members’ daily routines,” says Nick Allen, co-founder and CEO of Cutback Coach. “Instead of cluttering the home screen with another app and expecting customers to remember to find us, text allows customers to engage with us just like they would a friend or family member.”

Cutback Coach sees text messaging as an innovative evolution of traditional app-based habit trackers. With growing momentum in the low and no code movement, the company chose Braze as its partner in delivering the core product experience in a deeply personalized way, without a massive engineering effort.

“We are proud to empower innovative brands like Cutback Coach to build strong, meaningful relationships with their customers,” said Will Crocker, VP, Customer and Partner Marketing at comprehensive customer engagement platform Braze. “Through our collaboration, Cutback Coach is creating innovative and personalized SMS messaging experiences that drive growth and retention, materially improving people’s lives.”

Encouraged by a recent study citing SMS-based interventions as driving significant reduction in tobacco use, and ongoing research into the same for alcohol reduction, Cutback Coach is pushing the envelope on product strategy to drive meaningful change to ingrained habits. Thus far, the results their members are reporting indicate that the strategy is paying off.

About Cutback Coach

Cutback Coach, founded by Nick Allen and Ian Andersen, is creating a new wellness category around proactive alcohol health. Focused on mindful drinking rather than an all-or-nothing approach, Cutback Coach’s behavioral psychology-backed system provides each member a personalized plan catered to their lifestyles, baseline habits and individual goals. The Cutback Coach experience is delivered via 2-way SMS, providing a unique low friction approach that makes participation with the program simple and user friendly. Cutback Coach members achieve tangible benefits to overall health and wellness including increased productivity, weight loss, reduced anxiety and better sleep.

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