Atech Recycling Offer Substantial Recycling Solutions For Unessential Technological Devices In Moorabbin, Victoria

Atech Recycling Offer Substantial Recycling Solutions For Unessential Technological Devices In Moorabbin, Victoria

Moorabbin, Victoria – Atech provides IT disposal and e-waste recycling services to companies. Their protected data destruction services remove all data from hard drives and mobile devices, safeguarding both the client’s business and the environment. They have the end-of-life technologies needed to meet data privacy and environmental requirements.

The company provides free bulk collection. They will come to the customer and collect their e-waste for free if the quantity and quality are acceptable and call them to confirm eligibility. Additionally, they also have certified data protection, using a US standard data destruction procedure that requires a triple wipe and inspection and takes more than an hour to complete. Atech can also provide a data destruction certificate upon request. 

Atech recyclers are still on the cutting edge of providing technological security for their clients, removing all data from laptops, mobile phones, and hard drives while preserving the product’s physical integrity. They sanitize and scrub all data from hard drives and mobile devices using advanced encryption technology. They aim to safely delete data from devices so that they can be reused or resold, optimizing customer value. To ensure the client data is destroyed, they entirely delete physical media and electronic devices. Enabling laptop recycling and other devices, they shred media, hard drives, and electronics into small fractions with their industrial shredders to ensure that goods cannot be resold or reused. Product recovery is not an option in this approach.

Atech can liquidate or decommission a substantial volume of e-waste through their buyback program, and through it, the company will buy the old equipment if it has resale value. They will collect the equipment, provide the customer with a report about what they found, including item information (asset I.D./serial if necessary), and then make a bid. They can also submit a list of what client companies or schools have and make an offer based on that information.

Recycle customer E-Waste with Atech Recyclers. They recycle old IT equipment and e-waste safely. Computers, servers, laptops, phones, and data storage devices all gradually become obsolete and waste. Furthermore, improper electronic waste disposal will put client companies’ privacy and the environment at risk. However, the trash can still be valuable if properly disposed of. Atech Recycling will benefit the environment while also protecting client data and looking out for their clients. Work with Atech who protects their clients by making the best e-waste disposal decision while overseeing their clients’ whole process, from start to finish.

Customers can drop off their e-waste, including individual products, at any of the locations listed below. Factory 2, 40 Southern Lane, Mentone 3194, City of Kinston Council Office – Ground floor, 1230 Nepean Hwy Cheltenham 3192, Chelsea Library – 1 Chelsea Road, Chelsea 3196, and others are among their drop-off points. 

Recycle devices with Atech Recyclers. They are located at Factory 10 288/286 Wickham Rd, 3189, AU. Contact them via phone at 0402 651 980 or visit their website for more information.

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