Game Developer Announces Kickstarter Campaign for The Ultimate Party Game for Friends, Colleagues, and Family

Players take part in challenges and set up friends to perform crazy dares

Bronx, NY – The team at Party in a box gamez, a company based in New York, announces its Kickstarter campaign for “Tornado Roulette”, The Newest Hyper-Addictive Party Game for friends, colleagues, and family.

The game combines the card games you love with a tabletop game experience to deliver fun and exciting entertainment everyone needs to make a game night unforgettable.

To play the game, each player selects their game characters, which they will use to move around the board. Players also get life shots and $500 chips they will be able to redeem throughout the game. Each player is also to choose an ultimate dare card.

Playing and winning Tornado Roulette is easy. As players move around the game, they will be called upon to take part in challenges like rap battle, arm wrestling, and trivia. Players can also set friends up to perform any of the 100 crazy dares created by people from all social media platforms.

What makes Tornado Roulette the ultimate party game it’s highly active and enjoyable feature, game setup, and play. Unlike other games, with so much writing and direction, the game is short and sweet because the creator wants people to party instead of reading.

The desire to help family and friends party, dance, drink, and create new and unforgettable moments is the reason for creating this game. It encourages fun, excitement and eliminates boredom; there is no dull moment with every minute of play.

Game developer Luis Delacruz, Founder, and creator of Tornado Roulette, wants to create Games that no one Dares to create. He’s inspired by real-life experience, and he brings this energy into everything he builds. With this Kickstarter campaign, he and his team hope to attract people who love party games. It’s an opportunity for them to be part of the game’s creation process from start to finish. Supporters have five options to choose from, ranging from $28 to $100 or more. So, the game is very affordable. Depending on the chosen option, sponsors will be getting Tornado Roulette Original deck, Tornado Madness Deck, Total Chaos Deck, electric roulette, chips, dice, character pawns, shot cups, rule book, box, etc.

To support Tornado Roulette on Kickstater, please visit here.

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