Making Tax Digital Spreadsheet Software to Ease Submission Process for VAT Returns

VAT registered companies and those with an annual turnover of more than £85,000 are required to file their VAT returns under MTD. Moreover, it is an integral part of being MTD-complaint.

Note that entities that are registered for VAT on 1st April 2019 are automatically eligible for MTD registration. As late registration may involve expensive penalties, one should not delay the process for long. Even if your business doesn’t meet the mentioned yearly turnover figure, one can register for VAT and MTD for VAT on a voluntary basis.

Those who are making use of spreadsheets or excel for maintaining their business records and have an annual turnover of £85,000 may require specially designed bridging software to complete the MTD for VAT-related formalities.

Using spreadsheetsor excel files for managing business records has been a trusted method for the past several years, that can continue to help businesses to comply with MTD for VAT. However, the main trouble is that spreadsheets don’t allow users to submit nine VAT figures to HMRC; this is where VAT bridging software comes into existence to save time and effort. This software is utilised between the MTD for VAT system and excel spreadsheets that further enables you to submit nine VAT figures to the HMRC system digitally and more efficiently.

123sheets is one of the most trusted platforms for making tax digital spreadsheet software that can ease the VAT management for busy business professionals. There are more than 21,000 VAT entities that are closely associated with the 123sheets platform and the clients are enjoying a robust and reliable experience. The experienced teams here offer the most reliable and easy-to-use bridging software that can ease the process of filing VAT returns.

Although MTD income tax was planned several years ago; it was put on hold due to the involved complexities for the business. Furthermore, the ongoing issues with the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit put the agenda of HMRC on hold. However, several news stories have been now published by the top media houses that disclosed the trend of MTD and it is expected that the agenda will be implemented just within two-three years for income tax as well as VAT.

Millions of business owners around the world are already paying bills, banking, and interacting with customers and suppliers online; many of them are using traditional accounting software to handle details. MTD is now making some essential changes to the working of the tax system; as a result, the processes are becoming more efficient, effective, and user-friendly.

Business professionals need to use software for maintaining all records digitally. In order to handle this extensive information, businesses need to use software packages or spreadsheets. Bridging software is the best solution to link multiple record-keeping software and spreadsheets mtd to the HMRC platform.

The top-notch bridging software is capable enough to store and record business summary figures digitally. However, it should not involve significant manual processing beyond the data-entry stage; instead, records should be integrated into the HMRC system automatically. The excel vat bridging software can extract and receive necessary information digitally and then send everything automatically to the HMRC system.

The professionals at 123sheets  provide significant help for you to manage your spreadsheets for Making Tax Digital. As part of Making Tax Digital, HMRC requires digital record-keeping. The advanced bridging software supplier 123sheets provides complete digital record keeping solutions, by providing spreadsheets for businesses to enter their records into. Although singing up for MTD VAT may appear a complicated process for many beginners, the professionals at 123sheets are ready to offer complete support to the clients for simplifying the entire process.

The best thing to know about MTD VAT processing at 123sheets is that these experts follow encryption techniques to transfer data between different channels. When clients upload their spreadsheets, they are automatically converted to nine-box figures for the VAT return. The teams at 123sheets do not store any underlying financial information on their platform. Clients can ensure complete safety and security for their financial data, credit card details, and payment histories. Even the payment processes are also automated to ensure cashless, digital transactions to meet the taxation requirements. In simple terms, the professionals at 123sheets do not store much information about your business; the only details they maintain are the name of the business, contact name, phone number, and email address. Other than this, the HMRC passwords, Gateway IDs are stored in an encrypted form that cannot be read by individuals.

The servers of the 123sheets platform are also kept at secure locations in data centers that are located within the UK and are managed by the most trusted web hosting company in Europe. They make use of advanced anti-intrusion and anti-virus blocking systems to avoid attacks on secure data. In simple terms, the teams at 123sheets pay huge attention to data security while helping their clients to file MTD VAT returns with ease.

About 123sheets:

123sheets has a dedicated team of professionals that can serve business professionals with long-term MTD filing software requirements. Their advanced excel vat bridging software can help business professionals to handle digital record keeping while managing easy access to Microsoft excel based details. These experienced teams make MTD VAT sign-up pretty simple while supporting clients throughout the process. The company is serving more than 21,000 VAT entities with an easy tax filing process. The system is currently being used by top 15 accountancy firms and bookkeepers to ensure reliable performance for tax management and filing. These professionals are dedicated to ensuring long-term and reliable solutions for MTD VAT software and they are ready to work with businesses, individuals, and organisations of all sizes. Moreover, the advanced digital system ensures a convenient solution for VAT returns.

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