Website Success Tools Provides 24/7 Security Monitoring to Protect Business Websites

Websites are now important components of businesses. In many cases, they are the business themselves. They function as both the face and the place of business even if they are virtual. Many businesses, particularly online businesses, depend on their websites as their sole means of generating income. As such, keeping their websites running smoothly and dependably is an utmost concern.

Like any feature of the modern age, websites exist because of the layers of technology built behind them. It is all decidedly complex but interestingly, a website is just a software program executed by a hardware system that is not too different from the workings of the computer that you’re currently using to read this article. Internet technology today is robust and stable but far from foolproof and internet services like websites are still susceptible to malfunction and failure.

Many things can interrupt a website service. ISP service issues can limit the access of people from affected areas. Internet routing issues can also prevent computers from passing web page requests to web hosting servers, or vice versa, servers are unable to reach computers to fulfill requests. Another consideration is server downtime or degradation of service by the web hosting servers.

Web hosting servers are the aforementioned hardware systems that run websites and make them accessible to the public via the internet. To be fair, web hosting servers nowadays are pretty reliable. Most offer at least a 99.9% uptime availability. This means service is assured 99.9% of the time. Though this is an impressive figure, computing the downtime occurring within a year-long service would reveal the possibility of an 8-hour long outage. Depending on the average hourly volume of business a website has, the amount of downtime risk can be tolerable or completely unacceptable as it may cause debilitating financial losses.

What causes downtime? The robustness of the web hosting server is one consideration. These servers must have ample resources to handle a wide variety of computing, processing, and storage demands. The more resources, the less likely the downtime. Another factor is the programming of the website itself. Incorrect syntax, bloated programming, corrupted databases, and such contribute to instability and decreased reliability. The last factor to causes downtime and perhaps the most nefarious are cyberattacks.

A cyberattack is an unauthorized accessing or breach of a computer system with the intent to alter, disable, destroy, steal, or gain information. An attack can be launched from other computer systems that are themselves hacked or victims of the same attack, and the next target can become the new launching point of further attacks on other systems. The common cyberattack that causes downtime is a DDoS or distributed denial of service. What happens is that a target server is inundated by an extreme amount of service requests. Over time, a DDoS attack depletes the target server of its resources and ultimately incapacitates it.

Of course, web hosting servers would have provisions to fight against possible attacks but what can an online business owner do on his/her end to protect the website? Website Success Tools, a digital business solutions provider, offers a way to secure a website’s uninterrupted service.

Website Success Tools offers uptime monitoring services that enable online businesses to monitor their website’s availability and guard against possible downtime, including ones caused by possible cyberattacks.

How does it work? What this subscription service does is test the connectivity and responsiveness of your website’s host server. The uptime monitoring system does these tests every few minutes throughout the monitoring service period. It collects and analyzes the test results and it can tell if there is an impending outage. When it does pick-up a serious issue, it alerts the online business owner via SMS or Email.

Online business owners must be made aware of downtime events at the soonest time possible. This enables them to react quickly and have their system administrator address possible cyberattacks or all other server issues immediately.

Uptime monitoring by Website Success Tools is the all-hours-of-the-day, all-days-of-the-week security monitoring that online businesses need to protect their website from unexpected and extended downtime.

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