Medical Detox Cost in Canada – A Rehab Centre Reveals

Medical Detox program is the first step away from addiction and needs to be done safely.  It is more costly to stay addicted.  Addiction can be lethal without proper medical support especially during the Medical Detox withdrawal stage.  Also many addicts have other drug abuse related medical conditions such as heart or lung disease.  Drug addiction itself is considered a brain disorder as it affects how the brain processes pleasure sensations.  This condition can also cause brain damage.

Most insurance have provisions for drug abuse addiction.  Being treated in an inpatient program can be for three weeks (21 day program) or for few months’ treatment.  This is decided by the Addiction Therapist for the individual involved.  The Medical Detox first step can cost $1000 to $1500 in of itself.  This is not a step done on its own but is part of an Addiction Treatment program.  Medication may be needed to ease withdrawal symptoms and treat other conditions.  The cost could be closer to $5000.  This is considered half the cost of a yearly Heroin addiction.  The facilities and levels of luxury and activities provided and location of the treatment centre are also a consideration for cost.

“People try to quit cold turkey and when they relapse they think it is too hard,” says the spokesperson at 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre.  “Or worse they aggravate already existing conditions and go back to taking drugs to “feel better” so they can try to stop again.”

In the publication, Drugs, Brains and Behavior:  The Science of Addiction Treatment and Recovery published in July 2020 states that drug addiction like other chronic conditions such as Asthma has to be managed instead of seeking a cure.  For recovery there has to be a core change in habits.  Meditating for 30 minutes a day can help boost the lifestyle of sobriety.  By using Mindfulness techniques, it is possible to rephrase negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  Developing hobbies can help with addiction cravings.

“After the Medical Detox we can work on the feeling better with new habits that are not drug related,” says a spokesperson for 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre.  “Our Music and Art Therapy programs help to give a voice to emotions that otherwise would be a painful trigger for relapsing without safe support.”

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1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre supports the #Sobriety Friday initiative as a way to replace drug associated events with a healthy mindset.  Nutrition is also encouraged to help ensure healthy long term drug abuse recovery. 

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