Zimmerman & Frachtman Scholarship Accepting Applications Until July 31st

A personal injury legal firm based in Florida recently opened its scholarship program for U.S. college students in incoming freshmen. A deserving applicant will take home $ 1,000 worth of financial assistance the following semester after the winner announcements.

Parkland, FL – March 24, 2021 – The law industry is all about seeking justice. There’s no other field of profession that works closely with decision-making bodies rather than legal professionals–their influence helps people attain the justice they deserve. Zimmerman & Frachtman, a personal injury law firm, understands this full well. It is in their core values to uphold justice for those who have been wrongly hurt by situations and people.

Aside from protecting and upholding legal justice for their clients, Zimmerman & Frachtman also believes in social justice. This is the reason why year after year, the legal firm has partnered with non-profits such as Toys for Tots and Autism Speaks. The right privileges and opportunities should be given not only for those who can pay financially but also for underserved communities.

Zimmerman & Frachtman decided to extend their mission for social justice by opening up the Zimmerman & Frachtman Scholarship. Through this program, they aim to help U.S. college students and incoming freshmen who are burdened financially with the expenses that come with pursuing a degree. To apply for the scholarship program, one must either be a current U.S. resident and college student, or a high school senior accepted into any higher education program (Bachelor’s, Associate’s, or Vocational). Applicants do not need to be law students to apply, as the program is open for those who are pursuing any type of degree.

Interested students may go to the Zimmerman & Frachtman Scholarship page of the legal firm’s website to fill out details and a 500-word essay with the following prompt: “What are 5 tips you’d give to a new driver to help prevent an accident?” All applications must be submitted on or before July 31, 2021. Once announcements are made, the winner must verify all college-related information and the $ 1,000 grant will be sent directly to the school.

Zimmerman & Frachtman are Florida-based personal injury attorneys. As a team of legal experts, they strive to defend the needs of their wrongly injured clients. With a deep understanding of Florida state laws, experts at Zimmerman & Frachtman confidently represent their clients to seek the deserved compensation and justice.

To know more about the scholarship program, you can access the official Zimmerman & Frachtman Scholarship page or contact their point person Marjorie Whitfield at scholarship@zimmermanfrachtman.com.

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