Importance of filing business tax timely

Businesses are required to file their taxes within 6 months after the end of the fiscal year, and they are also required to pay the taxes within 3 months of the fiscal year’s end.

If a business is not operating anymore, it must be legally dissolved. Otherwise, you are required to continue filing taxes. Businesses listed as “active” must file tax returns regardless of whether the corporation made any money.

Businesses should remove the burden of filing taxes as soon as possible, even though filing taxes can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. On Jan. 1, businesses start to prepare for tax season, which ends on Mar. 15. Businesses are urged to make as much progress as possible to file by the Mar. 15 deadline.

Early filing of business tax returns offers many benefits.


The last-minute rush may result in a costly error, as well as having to scramble to locate relevant documents, invoices, and receipts before Mar. 14 is also likely to result in an unpleasant surprise. When business tax is handled in advance, owners will have a much better idea of how much a company needs to pay in taxes.

Avoid penalties

It doesn’t matter whether you are having problems paying taxes or if it’s an oversight. The ultimate consequence of failing to file your business tax on time is spending finances on penalties. Not only that, but you will accumulate interest while not filing your return.

Apply for extensions

The business must still file the appropriate paperwork for a payment plan if necessary if it can’t pay the taxes. To make installments on the debt, the company should speak with the IRS about setting up an installment plan.

All sole proprietors must file a Form 4868, while all other businesses must submit a Form 7004. The extension applications do not eliminate/reduce the amount owing to the IRS. However, it can be significant for proprietors who cannot secure the capital needed to operate their business.

Meet ACA deadlines

The recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of the most crucial reasons to file business tax early. Business owners must be aware of the requirements of the law on health insurance.

The new Affordable Care Act compliance regulation requires businesses with more than 50 full-time employees to give their employees IRS Form 1095-C, which assumes the role of health insurance W-2. Employers must distribute the 1095-C and the employer transmittal form, which specifies what insurance is to be provided and to whom. You must do this no later than when you distribute traditional W-2 forms.


Having a clear idea of all your options while analyzing your data carefully is a valuable opportunity to avoid any potential pitfalls.

Reap the benefits of tax planning

It is more advantageous to file returns early in the calendar year to put in place strategies that will maximize the pros of your tax planning.

Focus on business

Filing early tax returns enables you to scope down on your business’s financial wellness, so you can find ways to reduce costs and stay on top of goals.

Get confident

Business owners who engage in filing early returns gain a better understanding of the dynamism in compliance and better implement strategies for minimizing taxes. Filing early taxes as an element of tax planning can help a business assess its larger situation, such as whether the business needs to adjust its structure (which business owners may find extremely useful). You may also discover untapped and underexploited profit areas, locate new investment options and choose how to structure them.

Peace of mind

You get to make business decisions from a stable, factual base free from unnecessary stress. – Understand exactly your business’s tax liability, eliminating unnecessary stress.

Leverage budget changes

As our agents have an up-to-date understanding of tax regulations, they can take advantage of any applicable budget provisions. This ensures that your business receives the best possible tax result and makes sure it doesn’t lose out on any incentives that may be available.

Getting tax filing wrong is easy, especially with the regulatory framework continually changing. Besides ensuring that your business taxes are filed on time, you can rely on us to help you achieve your income goals and meet your tax obligations. We do that in the most tax-efficient manner at present, without adding unnecessary burdens to your business in the future.

And finally you can really benefit from having an experienced CPA that can do all of that for you in a timely manner with more deductible savings. Feel free to visit our website for more information USA CPA SERVICE

Written by: Michael Green

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