Lepow: Best Working From Home Portable Monitor of 2021

The Lepow Z1 Gamut is an upgraded portable monitor in 2021. Lepow aims to make smartphone and computer accessories enjoyable. When it comes to working from home, it’s a fantastic secondary screen for putting together a productive workstation.

Customers are most concerned about the port feature. The power/return button, the menu button – the roll key, and a 3.5mm audio jack are all located on the monitor’s left side. A mini HDMI port, USB Type-C data transmission port, and USB Type-C power supply are located on the right side.

The menu button roll key can be used to adjust various settings on the menu, including contrast, volume, brightness, sharpness, colors, and other miscellaneous options.

Furthermore, the smart stand is made of synthetic PU Leather. Because the monitor doesn’t come with a kickstand, the smart case serves as both a protector and a stand. The monitor is held in place on one side of the smart case by magnets on the corners.

The other side has two grooves that allow the monitor to be positioned at two different angles. The case, however, has a rough texture on the inside, allowing users to position the monitor at almost any angle they liked, even outside of those two grooves. There’s also less glare thanks to the matte finish. Depending on the ports available on devices. Lepow monitors are compatible with laptop/tablet/Xbox/PS4 with a USB-C to USB-C cable or an HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable for connectivity.

The Lepow Z1 Gamut magnifier is compatible with USB Type-C mobile phones. To connect, all people need is a Type-C cable, which is included in the package. Please note that phones with a Type-C port that isn’t fully functional will need an adapter to connect. It is backwards and forwards compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox, and other systems. The 1080P Full HD resolution would provide a superior gaming experience.

The monitor’s multiple connection options ensure that it is suitable for all use cases. It may be a portable auxiliary display while visiting, an external monitor for working/studying from home, a clear dedicated monitor for the game console, a bigger screen for smartphones, or an external monitor for working/studying from home.

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