KARV Announces Competitive Consignment Program for RVers

This RV dealer makes personalized deals that are win-win for both dealers and clients.

Recreational vehicle (RV) dealer KARV announced today its competitive consignment program for RVers who are looking into selling or buying their camper vans. This consignment program was developed to bring back the buying and selling power to its clients.

With over two decades in the RV industry, KARV has enough knowledge to work around the business. Thus a personalized consignment plan was designed, which gives both the seller and the buyer all the advantages.

Most dealerships offer a one-size-fits-all value to all kinds of models of camper vans. They base this offer on a blue book that only they have access to. Their rates are also usually 30 to 40% lower than the current retail value. This plan works well for the dealer, but not for the client, unlike at KARV’s.

KARV’s dynamic consignment deals are far from others. According to a company representative, “KARV creates a special private party pricing with all the good dealership incentives.” Its consignment plans are created using a market- and reason-based valuation system that KARV personally walks clients through to give them a better understanding of its products. KARV also considers the coach’s condition, features, and other factors such as the season and urgency to sell in making the deal. With these factors, KARV creates a personalized package instead of the usual valuation system that most dealers use in their consignment plans.

But more than its competitive offers, KARV’s consignment offers also include services that are usually not available in other dealers. KARV handles everything in the sales process. It helps locate transporters for clients who cannot move his/her unit to the dealer’s office. KARV also shoulders the auto detailing, repair, and cosmetic alterations of the unit once it is under KARV’s care. Each coach also receives a strategic marketing plan to help boost its exposure. This feature includes an extensive handwritten advertisement, specifications sheet, and high-quality photoshoot.

KARV also takes care of the paperwork. This process includes the release of liability, the guarantee of title, power of attorney, and the like, as well as an escrow if it involves a lienholder.

KARV offers a wide range of payment options, including financing. With as little as 10% down, KARV can get you paired with strong RV centric lenders, terms of financing going out as far as 240 months! They also welcome trade-ins. They take motorhomes, trailers, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and even real estate properties.

Other than these, KARV can also consign coaches right where they are so they can be available on camping trips or for interim use.

KARV is a specialist in selling RVs. It guarantees that it continues to work on its marketing efforts to achieve its goal and provides clients with detailed updates regularly. To know more about its competitive consignment packages, visit https://www.gokarv.com.

About the KARV

KARV is a recreation vehicle (RV) dealer with over 20 years of experience in the RV industry. Based in Palm Springs, California, it provides the first time and seasoned RVers a smoke-and-mirror free experience of choosing and owning RVs for their next memorable on-the-road experience.

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