G95 Inc. Embodies Preppers Fashion with Its Personal Protective Apparel

The brand incorporates survivalist concepts into the gear it develops.

The current pandemic has led everyone scrambling to get ahold of any kind of protection to shield them from this threat to health and personal safety. Companies began manufacturing personal protective equipment like face masks and face shields as a response to this danger. And to a company that has been developing personal protective apparel (PPA) for years like G95 Inc., this health crisis is a crucial time when it can show the effectiveness of its protective wear.

In essence, G95 gear — Biogaiter, Biogoggles, Biohoodie, Biopullover, Bioscarf and Bioshield — stands for good, responsible healthcare. While they function as normal clothes, washable and reusable, they are also equipped with a built-in, one-of-a-kind particulate filtration protection. They are not only useful PPAs but are also designed to look and feel like regular apparel. Customers have come to love the brand’s concept of reusable gear. And for G95, it’s fulfilling to make fashionable and functional products whose footprint is significantly lower than the other alternatives.

“It used to be that preppers or survivalists were a small niche. The events of this past year have turned each of us into preppers or survivalists. We think that more apparel companies will incorporate protection into their gear and that consumers will begin to layer and carry protection in various forms to be prepared for whatever they might encounter,” said Hazel Solle, founder of G95 Inc.

Back in 2015, G95 was created to address the problem of air pollution. In 2016, the brand developed its prototype Bioscarf and filed its first patent that covered the new design of embedding washable and reusable filtration material in fabric. This first Bioscarf was almost like a secret weapon — a scarf that had top-secret protection built in that anyone could use if needed but without attracting any extra attention to themselves. G95 never knew how important that design attribute would become today.

In tests, G95’s proprietary design filtered out 99 percent of all airborne contaminants, 0.1 microns and larger — helping protect users from bacteria, viruses, air pollution, allergens, smoke and other airborne health risks. Their G95 filtration material was designed and engineered for integration into apparel. It’s durable and washable for reuse over and over again. It also has excellent breathability.

G95 Inc. vigorously tested its filtration material at one of the premier testing facilities in the U.S., where it outperformed many of the most popular air pollution masks on the market today.

More information can be found at https://www.g95.com/.

About G95 Inc.

G95 Inc. develops personal protective apparel like Biogaiter, Biogoggles, Biohoodie, Biopullover, Bioscarf and Bioshield using a filtration material that helps protect users from bacteria, viruses, air pollution, allergens, smoke and other airborne health risks.

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