Unicorn Exchange: Women In Business, Who Mean Business

A new platform bringing together women founders who are using their businesses to make a better world.

Unicorn Exchange, an exclusive community of women entrepreneurs, launches its platform to connect women worldwide through their unique collaboration events and a content-packed social network. The goal is to help each other succeed by exchanging valuable information while having fun doing it.

“Community is a conversation, if you’re just listening or watching, you’re simply an audience member,” said a spokesperson from the organization.

This is the perfect way to automate your coffee chats. Members of Unicorn Exchange get access to Collaboration Calls Imagine speed dating, but for your business… and no awkward breakups…

Unicorn Exchange is taking a whole new approach to connecting women founders. Armed with a people-first mindset, each community member is all about creating a bolder life, better business, and bigger impact on their business, personal life, family, and the world.

This monthly Coffee & Collaboration Call feature of the community is designed to get its members more than just connected, but in conversation.

When a member joins this event, they are paired into breakout groups with two to three other members and each takes turns in discussing the prompt of the day. This is the concierge service of Unicorn Exchange’s networking. This hour-long call is designed to inspire collaboration and growth within its members. To view upcoming events, visit https://unicornexchange.com/events.

Finally an entrepreneurial community about its members. Not another internet guru.

Unicorn Exchange values its curated and quality community. Thus, it requires each member to apply. It upholds strict standards that keep high integrity but it ensures it’s full of kindness. Pitching also has certain requirements. Interested individuals can apply for membership through unicornexchange.com/join and try the platform for free for 14 days.

For just a minimal monthly subscription fee, women entrepreneurs can join Unicorn Exchange and enjoy its other perks and benefits. One of the perks, aside from its monthly calls, is having a Private Social Network. This feature acts like a social network group where members are free to discuss any topic they want. Members can also engage in off-the-cuff conversations about real-deal topics that they go through not only about business but about their daily life as well.

This is a great way that members can also automate their coffee chats as part of the curated design of the company’s Coffee & Collaboration Calls feature. This way, members will get to meet colleagues worldwide to form genuine relationships.

Members will also be given access to transcripts and resources from the company’s Let’s Get Stabby section. Also, they can send in questions to upcoming event guest speakers or other members they’ve interacted with. Unicorn Exchange also has a book club where members can get literary recommendations and discussions.

A portion of Unicorn Exchange’s profits goes to projects, non-profit organizations, and scholarships that support equality, backing up women in STEM and business and making the world a better place for them.

For more information on Unicorn Exchange, be sure to visit https://unicornexchange.com. Interested individuals can also follow the company on Instagram @unicornexchangeco

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