How A Diamond Company Sold One Of The Most Expensive Diamonds Online

The NEW Way To Shop For Diamonds.

Diamond Hedge is a leading diamond company and has earned fame in the market through their founder Mehul Sompura, for his innovative augmented reality technology and bringing together one of the largest selection of diamonds anywhere in the world. They recently sold a $600k round 10-carat diamond from their platform, making it one of the most expensive diamonds sold online. To put it in perspective, the average home in the US cost around $295k.

While making such an expensive purchase like a diamond ring, most customers want to see how on a diamond ring will look on their hand before making the purchase, and because of this most people are reluctant of buying a diamond online. But this is not the case with Diamond Hedge. What distinguishes from other online jewelry companies is people can try on different diamond rings on their actual hand using augmented reality technology, giving them an idea of how it will look on their finger. Once the consumer sees how it looks on their finger and decides on the diamond they like, they can compare from nearly 1 million conflict free natural or lab grown diamonds all on one platform.

Due to this innovative technology, Diamond Hedge has won over thousands of customers and is no surprise they sold one of the most expensive diamonds online.

How the company won customers’ trust?

Purchasing a diamond that meets a customer’s expectations is not an easy task, especially when doing it online. Diamond Hedge understands this and offers an unbiased platform where people can compare diamond prices from all the leading diamond companies on one platform. They take online shopping to the next level by being the first diamond company to use customized augmented reality where the customer can try on different diamond rings on their actual hand.

Gradually more customers are shifting their preference towards online diamond shopping. The reason behind this is because they can find the best diamond for the best price. Diamond Hedge continuously outperforms the competition because of their broad selection of diamonds, competitive prices and modern technology as a competitive edge. Because of this the company has won the hearts of thousands of customers

Online diamond shopping is a growing trend

Most shopping is done online these days and more people are getting comfortable with buying expensive luxury items like diamonds online. This is one of the reasons why Diamond Hedge has gained a huge customer base in a short amount of time. Making it the first place people go to when shopping for diamond jewelry.

The platform has become a favorite destination for online diamond shopping because of the excellent diamond options and fun user-experience through augmented reality. There is no doubt why the company has sold one of the most expensive diamonds online due to the value they bring to the consumer.

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