Pandemic Stress and Insomnia Led to this Entrepreneur Starting a Business

A weighted blankets to alleviate anxiety during stressful times.

What was stressing out the founder of self-care startup Restasy? A lot of the same things so many others may have lost sleep over in 2020; The pandemic. The news. The election. Loss of income. Doomscrolling Twitter. All things 2020.

Too much stress is certainly unhealthy. One of the major side effects of high stress is insomnia, with varying levels of severity.

Some immediate effects of sleep deprivation include trouble concentrating, mood swings, weakened immunity, memory issues, and poor balance. These were all things affecting Restasy’s founder.

Sleeping pills can help people fall asleep, but they don’t help get the quality of sleep needed for their minds and bodies to function anywhere near 100%. Looking for a healthier and natural remedy, this founder came across a study on Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) and its positive effects on anxiety relief and sleep.

DPT is a form of therapy that has been around for a while. It involves applying gentle touch and pressure to the body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, calming the body. The sensation is similar to the feeling of a hug or to a baby being swaddled.

He learned that a simple and affordable way to experience DPT at home is by using weighted vests or weighted blankets.

“The first time I put this blanket on me it felt a little strange, but after a few minutes I felt a sense of calm. That night I got the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.” – Restasy founder.

He found it hard to believe that most people he told the blanket about have never heard of weighted blankets. Determined to share new product discovery with others, he decided to start a company to help others and educate them about weighted blankets and healthy alternatives to sleep and anxiety medications.

After testing hundreds of pounds of prototype blankets, he fell in love with a 20 pound sherpa weighted blanket, which is currently on sale at Restasy.

Over the next few months, Restasy plans to include new variations of the weighted blanket in addition to practical products to aid in sleep recovery, stress relief, and increasing overall well-being.

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Restasy™ is a self-care focused company that sells products and offers free content with a goal of helping anyone struggling with anxiety or sleep issues find a natural approach to calming their mind and body.

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