Maktar Inc. Launches Qubii Duo: An Award-winning Offline Automatic Backup Cube Compatible with iOS and Android Smartphones

Multiple awards-winning photo backup device. Free from monthly cloud storage subscriptions. Qubii Duo is an Apple MFi-certified accessory. Compatible with iPhone iOS and Android systems.

• A reliable and secure backup cube that automatically syncs and downloads contacts and photo albums while charging. With the microSD card password encryption feature, Qubii Duo is now available for both iPhones iOS, and Android.

• Maktar Inc. received Taiwan Excellence Award from TAITRA during CES Trade Show 2021. 

Maktar Inc today announced Qubii Duo, an intuitive auto-backup cube, is now available to purchase on Amazon. After reaching a milestone of an incredible sales record with their first generation Qubii, Maktar took customers’ feedback to heart and ultimately branched out and moved forward to design for all users.

Qubii Duo is designed to be compatible with both iPhone iOS as well as Androids systems. Qubii Duo is created to safeguard users’ contact information and precious photos; it also supports social media photo backup with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr. Qubii Duo is a smart alternative for one’s monthly cloud subscription charges. Learn more about Qubii Duo.

“Our Qubii products are designed to trigger automatic back-up concurrently while charging your phone with no action required, as would iCloud auto-sync without prior confirmation each time. You simply need to connect your Qubii adjacently to your charging block, plug-in your lightning connector, and begin your charging routine. It really is as simple as that. Your Qubii will begin the backup process even without launching the app!” said Lin, Maktar’s U.S. Representative.

World Backup Day is around the corner (March 31); it stresses not only the importance of backing up data but, with work environments and habits changing due to COVID-19, people are now working remotely from their homes. As a result, there has been an increase in major ransomware attacks. Hardware failure and human error are two simple reasons why people should take backups seriously; more important than ever, it is time to consider one’s backup options. 

To better protect privacy and work to increase content security, Qubii Duo debuted a microSD card password encryption feature. “We implemented a microSD card password encryption feature with the purpose to refrain and prevent incidents such as if/when someone removes the SD card from your Qubii device, intending to access your information, they would ultimately fail and unable to access your contents. With that being said, we recommend our users to enable your app protection security feature, Face ID or Touch ID, on Qubii Pro app (or Qubii app) as well. So it could act as a two-factor authentication for dual security.” said Lin.

After the initial app account set-up, Qubii Duo automatically backs up content of users choice every time users charge their phone. Qubii Duo also begins backup from where it left off, so there is no need to worry about the long and brutal waiting period every time one initiates a backup process. Qubii Duo utilizes a microSD card. MicroSD card storage capacity is available up to 2TB. 

Advancing with the current technical specifications out there, Qubii Duo (18g) is MFi certified technology by Apple Inc and it provides two options for its adapters: USB-C 3.1 and USB A 3.1 to better fit one’s preferences and gadgets. Qubii Duo offers a one-year warranty and is now available on Amazon for $64.99.

Maktar Inc. is a global technology company that designs products to improve efficiency and security. In partnerships and affiliations with Best Buy, Office Depot, Walmart, Amazon, Kickstarter and more. Learn more about Maktar Inc. 

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