Hoboken Med Spa Operating Under New Brand Name In A Newly Renovated Facility

The Gold Coast Med Spa is the premier med spa in Hoboken, offering various treatments meant to rejuvenate the skin, neck, and face. The spa is operating under a new name in a newly renovated facility.

Gold Coast Medical Artistry and Phil Zanardi are pleased to announce that the Hoboken med spa facility has launched under a new name after a complete renovation of the premises. The attractive new premises are inviting to those clients seeking ways to make the face, skin, and neck look younger and more healthy. Some of the treatments which are offered include injectables of various types, as well as laser hair removal procedures.

There are several common aesthetic treatments available at Gold Coast and other med spas.  One of these is a group of chemical substances which are injected into the skin. The purpose is largely to plump up the skin, which is for the reduction of wrinkles. One popular example of injectables is dermal fillers. These substances are intended to restore volume to a particular area of the face. These areas are usually the under-eye area, the cheeks, and the lips.

More information is available at https://goldcoasthoboken.com/

Med Spas provide many other injectables which help to relax wrinkles. One of the favorite wrinkle relaxers at Gold Coast is Xeomin. It is a highly purified substance that is manufactured in a state-of-the-art patented process. The treatment is recognized as one of the most reliable, safest, and long-lasting neurotoxin treatments around. It is much improved over the previous generation’s Botox.

Dermal fillers are manufactured from synthetic or naturally derived materials which are directly injected into the skin. The purpose is to plump the particular area to restore volume to that area. When the injection is complete, the wrinkle, fold, or depression has vanished. The fillers restore naturally occurring loss of volume to the face’s skin and muscles, thus adding contour. Gold Coast fillers that are available include Versa, RHA 2,3, and 4; Radiesse and Belotero.

Another popular technology available at the spa is laser hair removal. The procedure permanently eliminates unwanted body hairs. Areas where the technology is usually applied include the upper lip, chin, abdomen, and legs.

About the Company:

Gold Coast Medical Artistry offers state-of-the-art treatments under a new name. The facility is newly renovated.

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