Georgia rock group MammaBear releases “Do It Again”

“Seek shelter now,” the loudspeaker shouted through the streets. Mammabear’s Kyle Gordon held up his phone, recording the signal. A flood was coming. Starting with Gordon’s sample of the warning, MammaBear’s song “Do It Again” was born.


The pandemic has not stopped the Georgia rock group from releasing new material, with “Do It Again” being their most recent single. For the music video, they took an unorthodox approach. Instead of featuring themselves performing the track, they commissioned New York City director Dylan Mars Greenberg to create a video several states away. Greenberg, who has directed for Adult Swim and been featured in PAPER magazine, collaborated with drag performer Glitter Macabre, who brilliantly pantomimes the song.

Says Kyle Gordon on the song: “Rather than preparing for the flood, or working to prevent the next one, we end up believing that it is the weatherman who is our enemy, or that each home must be saved rather than the neighborhood. We stop seeing that we, together, can be an unstoppable force of nature.”

Appropriately, this is the fourth iteration of “Do It Again,” and the first that Gordon deemed worthy of release. He worked through three previous demos, tinkering with arrangements and hoping to capture the defiant spirit of our weary, piecemeal crusade for better lives.

“Maybe next time, we’ll create the storm,” Gordon sings. His voice howls like a raging tide, spilling down the streets.

Watch the full video here:

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