Heating Repairs Plano, Texas: Top Contractors Share The Best Time To Take Care Of The Heating System

Winter is making its annual change into spring, and this means the home HVAC will be shifting from heat to cool. Now is a perfect time to have your HVAC serviced.

Kleen Air Services, Inc., offers AC repair in Plano, Texas. Owner Russell Pattinson notes the importance of keeping a home HVAC maintained.

“There are two reasons to have your home HVAC checked and maintained: 1. Doing so will extend the life of the unit; 2. It can save you money on the home electricity bill,” said Pattinson.

The home HVAC system is like any mechanical device and will eventually fail. Regular maintenance, including checking the motor, drain pain and compressor outside will help the unit run more efficiently. This extends the life and protects it.

“The home HVAC is one of the most expensive systems in the home. In the summer particularly, it is common to have them running most of the day. Efficiency is key in the success of the system,” Pattinson continued.

Most HVAC systems are designed to last approximately 10 years. After this time, mechanical failures become possible and will culminate in the entire system needing replacement. Kleen Air Services offers AC repairs for residents of Plano, TX, but often times, the repairs will come close to the replacement cost.

“I can replace a compressor in a 10 year model, or I can install an updated model with a higher SEER rating. The SEER rating is the degree of efficiency in the model. One from a decade ago may be a 10 or 12.  Today’s models are 16 and up. This is considerably better for the home and homeowner,” continued Pattinson.

Kleen Air Services does AC and heating repair for Plano, TX.  Go to http://kleenairservices.com for more information.

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