Movement 101 is the Premier Physiotherapist in Marrickville

Movement 101 is the Premier Physiotherapist in Marrickville

Marrickville, NSW – Movement 101 is on the mission of treating and helping residents of all ages to heal from all injuries and pain problems they face. Whether it’s a recent problem or something recurring or has become a part of life for years, the allied health clinic in Marrickville can get patients back to enjoying the pain-free, healthy life they have missed out on.

​Movement 101 prides itself on providing evidence-based treatments to help treat people with sports injuries, lower back pain, and more. The facility aims to take patients on a quick recovery path by offering a complete health solution. The physiotherapy center banks on each team member’s in-depth expertise, as needed, to treat patients with different types of problems. The team uses processes and treatment methods to assist patients in identifying issues on a structural level. This makes it easy for them to tackle the health problem. The commencement of treatments at the facility begins with the team identifying the source of the  problem. They then create a tailored solution to help patients get the sustainable, long-term results they have always wanted.​​

The Marrickville physiotherapist boasts that they have helped over 9000 people over the past 6 years. Their experience includes working with elite European footballers, Olympic swimmers, people with disabilities, and patients in hospitals and private clinics. The team at the center has a broad range of expertise in physiotherapy, exercise physiology, massage therapy, Pilates, fitness screening, postnatal and prenatal therapy.

To competently offer these services, the facility assists throughout the recovery process. In all cases, the recovery program is tailor-made to suit personal goals to achieve long-term sustainable results. They also help patients understand their bodies to empower them with the knowledge they need to feel and stay well. Dedicating 100% of their session time to their patients, they don’t believe in rushing appointments or treating more than 1 patient per time slot. With this approach of no “one size fits all,” their experienced physiotherapists and exercise physiologists design a unique program for every client’s individual needs of recovery, health, and wellness. No matter where their patients are in Sydney, physiotherapy services are easily accessible to them.

Movement 101 guarantees that their patients would receive world-class treatment, high-quality service, and an overall conducive environment for a strong recovery, optimal health, and wellness. This guarantee motivates the team to go beyond the typical Allied Health Clinic. They believe health is a full circle and it takes improving all aspects of a person’s well-being to get patients in the best shape of their lives. 

To learn more about Movement 101, the physical therapist, call (02) 9518 1585 to book an appointment. Or visit their location, Shop 2/198 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, NSW, 2204, AU. For all inquiries about the services, visit their website for more information.

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