Woodiy Puzzles Is Everybody’s Next Stay-at-Home Project

Anyone will love these 3D wooden puzzle kits.

Being stuck at home for a long period with no entertainment other than Netflix or the internet can get a bit boring — even draining at times, especially to the mind. Good thing there’s a way to get entertained and the brain stimulated at the same time with Woodiy Puzzles. Since nobody likes being bored at home and feeling unproductive and lazy, these wooden puzzle kits are a great way to have fun while also feeling accomplished from putting something together.

Woodiy Puzzles aims to inspire and develop the innovative minds of the future. Founded in 2020, the company is a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to encourage and challenge young minds to think differently. They believe interactive, hands-on projects are a great way to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills which are necessary in the workforce today. So they endeavor to supply the world with all sorts of “imaginative, innovative, intelligent and interactive” wooden puzzles.

“There’s no glue and no tools necessary. Everything you need is in the kit. It’s like wooden Lego’s.” stated a representative from Woodiy Puzzles. “Anyone can assemble ‘woodiy puzzles’ as long as they have patience and the best part is that you get the joy of building something on your own. The overall experience is stimulating and rewarding, and people should definitely try it.”

The online store offers a variety of wooden puzzles that will open you up to the creative world of Woodiy Puzzles. Their collections include giant musical ferris wheels, marble roller coasters, scale vehicles like the heavy truck, army jeep, and grand prix car — among many others. Their most popular puzzles are toy revolvers and shotguns that shoot rubber bands. The Woodiy team is confident that anyone who assembles their puzzles will have a fun and enjoyable experience.

The puzzle kits are simple, so anyone can start assembling straight out of the box and enjoy hours of educational fun. It helps kids develop essential skills. Exercising the brain and utilizing the hands can lead children to develop useful problem-solving skills while learning basic engineering skills.

When completely assembled, the whole thing is a stimulating and rewarding experience. Anyone who has a little patience can assemble these puzzles and be delighted in the end as it’s satisfying putting something together on one’s own.

“My wife knows I love puzzles so she got this [giant ferris wheel] for me and all I can say is WOW! I have never built anything like this before. The design and end result is absolutely stunning,” stated Jonathan W., a satisfied customer.

Woodiy Puzzles is also the perfect gift for any occasion — whether it’s birthdays, Christmas, housewarming or others.

More information can be found at https://woodiypuzzles.com/.

About Woodiy Puzzles

Established in 2020, Woodiy Puzzles is an online retailer of wooden puzzle kits. They are headquartered in California and have warehouses throughout the United States.

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