IceBreaker Pro Hopes to Raise $10,000 to Bring Cool Cocktails to Consumer Market

IceBreaker Pro Hopes to Raise $10,000 to Bring Cool Cocktails to Consumer Market

On April 1st, 2021 the IceBreaker Pro launches on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. There are bar tools that you need and bar tools that you simply must have. Starting at only $15 for the early-bird special, the IceBreaker Pro’s patent-pending technology improves the shaking process, allowing cocktails to cool faster while also enabling flavors to open up for a consistently perfect drink experience. It’s a simple and alternative method for; Dry shaking, Muddling, Whipping, Micro-blending, and even Frothing.

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Invented and inspired by bartenders who appreciate the craft of creating cocktails, the IceBreaker Pro is a true gamechanger that comes ready to use out of the box. Quickly becoming a favorite of professionals for its productivity advantages, as well as an easy way for amateurs to try out different methods when creating their own fluid excitements.

The food-grade stainless steel sleeve is available in three sizes to fit inside virtually any standard cocktail shaker and is dishwasher safe.

Rafael Nunez, Inventor of the IceBreaker Pro, explains: “I wanted to create the experience of not only enjoying the perfect cocktail, but one that is easier to make and that stays cool longer. We’ve designed the IceBreaker Pro sleeve to be easily inserted into almost any cocktail shaker. We understand that this tool is not a substitute for mixologists who value the art of traditional cocktail making, but we think it is a way to get more people interested in the cocktail craft that we all enjoy. After months of development, our team can’t wait to share it with the Indiegogo community and have them have a cool cocktail with us.”

You can back the IceBreaker Pro on their Indiegogo page now; starting at only $15 for the Early-Bird adopters.

About IceBreaker Pro, LLC:

IceBreaker Pro is the coolest new bar tool that’s changing the way we shake up adult beverages. Literally.

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