‘New Patients Engine’ Helps Physical Therapists Around the World Grow Their Practices to 7-Figures

This new patient generation system gets physical therapists fully booked out on a four-week waiting list with zero guesswork.

Problems like poor patient quality, bad patient retention, low patient lifetime value and even high no-show rates stop physical therapy clinics from growing to the next level.

Darren Pua and David Lim realized this after the first pain-relief clinic reached out to them for help in early 2019.

“I realized that even with [advancements in] technology and platforms, high quality patient acquisition for pain clinics in developed countries around the world was still pretty bad”, Darren, Co-Founder of New Patients Engine shared.

The fact that so many pain-relief clinics around the world, many using high tech modalities, were still relying on word-of-mouth, or bad and poorly working ads meant that many of these clinics were leaving money on the table.

This was so appalling to Darren and David that they set forth to create and prove a system that would end all the problems of consistent patient acquisition for clinics so they can focus on treating the patient, and thus, in 2019, New Patients Engine was born.

To understand how New Patients Engine helps Physical Therapy clinics grow, it is important to first understand the struggles physical therapy clinics face.

Firstly, attracting a patient’s attention can be tricky. The perceived value of the treatment has to be high enough for the patient to be interested yet have healthy margins that make sense for the clinic.

Next, clinics have to make patients gain commitment and increase the desire and urgency to step in for treatment “now”.

Following that, there must be a proper scheduling process that builds a connection with the patient and strikes while the iron is hot.

The consultation that follows has to be a tactful and ethical balance between medical care, and securing follow up treatments, which many clinics falter at.

“You’d be surprised. Even many high level clinics that come to us do not have a proper & tactful sales process when it comes to patients,” adds David.

And from there, clinics have to have a structured system to graduate these patients from acute pain relief to long-term maintenance patients.

New Patients Engine solves all that for these clinics by implanting their tried-and-tested system to generate high quality patients consistently and reliably month on month.

The result? These clinics can focus on doing what they do best – treating the patient.

“Helping so many clinics turn around and get 30-40 new patients a month, some up to 80+, even during the pandemic, and changing so many clinic owners & patients’ lives is very rewarding.”

“Many of our clients are now our friends,” David sheepishly smiles while sharing.

New Patients Engine is now serving physical therapists in 8 different countries and is continuously expanding to help physical therapy clinics around the world grow and scale faster to 7-Figures.

The team is constantly innovating their system and supporting their customers through their game-changing patient acquisition system that gets clinics new patients continuously and reliably.

More information can be found at https://newpatientsengine.co

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