Puzzling Pursuits Introduces Fun And Mind-Stimulating Games That Can Be Played From Anywhere

Just as escape rooms became popular 15 years ago, this new at-home version is taking off.

Escape rooms are a popular pastime for many people, but there are some drawbacks to them. First, it can be logistically challenging to go to escape rooms in-person. Second, they can be expensive for many players since they cost $25-30 per person for a short experience. And third, escape room experiences are typically capped at one hour in length, whether players succeed or not, making them potentially frustrating.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the co-founders of Puzzling Pursuits sought out to create an at-home gaming experience that was better value and easier to play—whenever, with no time limits. The result is an immersive puzzle adventure game that packs a ton of value compared to its cost. Each game comes with dozens of components and two parts, which takes most players a few hours to get through. Through a rich storyline, players can go through the game individually or with a group.

“It’s a fantastic game night experience. Whether the games are played as a date, with family or friends, or as an individual, they are designed to be a fun and fulfilling pastime,” says Andrew, co-founder of Puzzling Pursuits.

There are currently two games out. Blackbrim: 1876 is set in the Victorian era in the small town of Blackbrim, England. The entire police force has been kidnapped, and a trail of cryptic clues were left in the wake of the disappearances. It is up to the players to figure out where they were taken hostage and save them.

La Famiglia is set 100 years ago in the Roaring Twenties. In the game, there is a secretive, dangerous mafia gang that is influencing the city of Chicago. Players need to work with the authorities to track them down and prevent the big plan they have in store.

The team is excited to continue making more games following the glowing reviews that Blackbrim: 1876 and La Famiglia have received. The latest information can be found at https://puzzlingpursuits.com/.

About Puzzling Pursuits

Puzzling Pursuits creates at-home escape room puzzle games that are designed to be a memorable game night experience for friends, families, couples, and individuals alike.

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