Kismat TV Is the Global Mainstream Media Channel That Supports Promising New Talent

They feature quality videos from content creators around the world, including live shows, concerts, event, music videos and much more.

Finding quality entertainment video content and programming is refreshing. Being able to access creators from all around the world certifies a wonderful experience for the viewers. And people who want to see videos from artists and entertainers around the globe but do not want to visit several channels to find them will love the content that Kismat TV offers.

The brand channel is a gamechanger in international media. It streams music from all nationalities as well as other forms of entertainment from across the globe. It is a general entertainment platform that celebrates the hopes and ambitions of humans like no other.

As the only international TV channel to be solely managed by a female, Kismat is a pioneer, and it fully supports good talent and good people. For the first time in history, a mainstream media platform is offering free promotion for all new talent. Artists can get on this free network by simply emailing their videos. After they pass Kismat’s quality check, they will be broadcasted for everyone to enjoy.

Kismat TV is the dream project of Arti Jangra, a psychic, motivational speaker, life coach, shaman and healer. She is the director of Kismatkarma and CEO of Kismat TV and Kismat Awards, which she single-handedly worked on to be a reality.

Kismatkarma is a highly reputable organization that consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced staff. They believe in the law of cause and effect (karma). They also believe that the right karma can automatically reflect on people’s kismat (destiny) as every action has a reaction. They strongly abide by the power of good.

Kismatkarma’s spiritual guidance nurtures respect for all faith traditions; coherently explains the nature of God, soul, time and karma and expresses an enlightened lifestyle. They have extensive media coverage and have helped people from all over the world.

The concepts and practices in Kismatkarma can be felt across CEO Arti Jangra’s media and platforms. Her products and content are unique, and that practice is greatly seen in Kismat TV.

Kismat TV is available on various networks, including the Kismat TV website, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple and Android mobile apps and all smart TVs. They offer quality programs featuring videos in entertainment and music, and they can be accessed through uploaded videos, live broadcasts and videos on demand. Artists, talents and content creators can send their videos to for consideration.

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About Kismat TV

Kismat TV streams music from all nationalities as well as entertainment from across the globe.

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