Baptiste Monnet Creates Boost Mind Brand For Active People With Routines

Baptiste Monnet Creates Boost Mind Brand For Active People With Routines

Switzerland – Drawing on his own life experiences, Baptiste Monnet launched Boost Mind, a platform that is aimed at people who are out there trying to sharpen their minds and pursue their goals. 

It is said that the name of the brand was born out of deep thought. In French, Boost Mind means to “stimuler l’esprit” which directly translates to “stimulate the mind” in English. Despite being francophone, Baptiste Monnet decided to pursue the English version to ensure that his brand can reach more people and make it easy to remember. From experience, Baptiste Monnet has identified that it is only when you stimulate the mind, that you can take control of it and direct it towards success and happiness in general.

Born in Thailand, Baptiste experienced hardship as a young child. He was found on a sidewalk and was later adopted. He arrived in Switzerland at the age of two and a half and grew up there. Despite a difficult start in life, he worked hard to get back on his feet and never looked back. Knowing from experience how difficult life can be, he decided that he would always be there for people when they needed him. As a result, he worked as a social educator – coach in the social field.

Baptiste Monnet had to face failure, rejection, and many obstacles in life before he found his feet. He revealed that he only succeeded because of his passion for adventure and his spirit of perseverance. He shared his outlook on life by explaining that life generally offers two options: “stand still and wait or move and make things happen.” He emphasized that it is crucial to know yourself before pursuing or committing to a path. He recommends that everyone tune their mind and equip it.

With Boost Mind, Baptiste Monnet encourages anyone who dares to be different to remain steadfast. He disclosed that he understands how frightening it can be to constantly confronted face new ideas and situations, but added that one can choose to respond positively and be motivated or be negative and lose hope. His goal is to empower the minds of his supporters and allow them to measure themselves in a healthy way. Boost Mind dedicates its resources to provide its followers with the beliefs, ideas, and facts that can enhance a positive change in their perspective. The brand is dedicated to showing people a different way of looking at life.

Baptiste Monnet revealed his thoughts about life and the inevitable concept of change when he said, “Upon reflection, I see change as a ladder. I like to set an example with a ladder. It’s so much easier to understand. I hear people say, but why not a chair, an armchair, a bed, a hammock? Well, yes, it’s more comfortable, but on a chair, you sit. Whereas on a ladder, you climb up the crossbeams.

“You have to look at the change as a ladder. That’s the best advice I can give you. Right now, you are facing it! So don’t exhaust yourself trying to change the external things. In the end, it’s not up to you. It is not your responsibility.

“By accepting this, you bring value to yourself and not to what is happening outside of you. You decide to climb the ladder. Be creative, Boost Mind!”

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