A Pinch of Prevention in Mount Gravatt Specialises in Healing and Rehab

Mount Gravatt, QLD Australia – March 25, 2021 – Many of the treatments of today have their roots in ancient cultures. Peter Missingham, owner of A Pinch of Prevention, combines the wisdom of the ancients with modern science for client-based outcomes to strengthen, promote recovery, and increase mobility.

“We help you with physical injuries old and new through physiotherapy, acupuncture and naturopathy, with illnesses long-standing or newly emerged,” said Missingham. “We can help with whatever you are experiencing, be it pain, dysfunction or even just a general sense of ‘not feeling right.’”

Physio Mount Gravatt therapies are performed by practitioners that are AHPRA-registered physiotherapists, acupuncturists and nutrition-based naturopaths that specialise in treating people holistically. A Pinch of Prevention addresses injuries sustained during work, sports and women’s concerns at every stage of pregnancy. Treatment is available for children beginning at age three to seniors.

Physiotherapy in Mount Gravatt utilises hands-on techniques to rehabilitate injuries, improve functionality, and mitigate the potential for injuries in the future. It releases tension in affected areas and stimulates circulation where it’s needed most. Physiotherapy Mount Gravatt is an effective treatment for relieving pain, cardiorespiratory complications, and many types of diseases and chronic illnesses.

A Pinch of Prevention offers acupuncture, a treatment that’s been utilised for more than 2,000 years to address pain throughout the body from multiple sources. Acupuncture in Mount Gravatt is effective for concerns ranging from fertility issues and neurological problems to asthma and postoperative recovery. The painless treatment utilises extremely thin needles that are inserted at specific points on the body to relieve pain, enhance circulation, and facilitate healing.

Naturopathic carein Mount Gravatt is also available at A Pinch of Prevention. Vitamin or mineral deficiencies can result in physical symptoms. Assessments and testing identify dietary insufficiencies that enables personalised meal plans to be developed, along with the addition of any relevant nutrient therapies or bespoke herbal tonics. Naturopathic care utilises nature-derived and inspired ingredients.

Every individual is different and A Pinch of Prevention treatment plans accommodate the specific needs of the client. Treatments are focused on helping individuals heal, alleviate pain, and return to their normal activities as quickly as possible.

About A Pinch of Prevention

We grew up competing internationally in sports and adhering to natural performance, endurance, and healthy ways of living. We now apply our lifelong learning to help you feel great. We do this through unique, outcome-focused treatments and preventative therapies.

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