BreezMate LLC is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Hardware Stores Nationwide.

BreezMate LLC is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Hardware Stores Nationwide.

“Forget toxic chemical cleaners, go green, clean eco-friendly”
• BreezMate Wood, Tile, Stone & Laminated Floor Cleaner is UL GreenGuard Gold certified

• Readily biodegradable and non-toxic, safe around kids and pets

• Ready to use. Non-rinse cleaning formula, dries fast, and residue-free

• Fragrance-Free a smart healthy option for sensitive individuals

• It is Neutral pH Cleaner. Keep your floor like new, avoid surface damage of losing the gloss, color, and appearance

Who We Are?

BreezMate LLC is certified minority business enterprise from Houston, Texas, found in 2019. We are committed to delivering sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products for both households and commercial settings. 

Our Community Mission

Here in BreezMate®, we commit to make the world a safer and cleaner place, by providing highly innovative products backed by deeply instilled principles, values, and ethics. We are proud to support special causes such as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Association, which provides hope to women and children who are battling breast cancer. BreezMate® is one of the only household cleaning brands nationally to have pledged support to the organization year-round and will continue to support the fight against breast cancer for many years. 

Why choose BreezMate®

Growing demands for natural ingredients and increased child safety concerns are always evolving. BreezMate® Wood, Tile, Stone & Laminate Floor Cleaner is a powerful yet readily biodegradable, water-based product with an excellent eco-toxicological profile. Our product carries the UL GreenGuard Gold Certification, and pass the highest standards of chemical emission testing, which are safe enough to account for sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly. Our product formulation uses a proprietary and innovative plant-based technology surfactant, which is safer but tough on it’s cleaning ability.

Fragrance Free  

Smelling good could come with a cost to health. Fragrances are made by hundreds of VOC’s, the consequence to exposure on humans are linked to chronic health issues including cancer. BreezMate® product is “fragrance free” and safe to sensitive skin individuals.

Neutral pH

BreezMate® Wood, Tile, Stone & Laminated Floor Cleaner is a neutral pH Cleaner, formulated to effectively clean while protecting against deterioration and discoloration, but also bring other benefits to the user.

See the comparison:

BreezMate® Brand –

– Is neutral pH. Neutral pH cleaners are close to human pH, thus, less likely to cause health effects and harm surfaces.
– Safer for users and the environment
– Easy on surfaces, but tough on cleaning
– Can be used daily 

Other Brands with high or low pH cleaners  

– Cleaners with very high or very low pH, can carry health concerns to the users and building occupants. 
– Not only can prove corrosive, but depending on the type of surfaces they are used on, they can cause toxic fumes as well. Can cause skin & eyes permanent damages. 
– Should not be used daily  


BreezMate® Wood, Tile, Stone and Laminated Floor cleaner is designed using plant-based surfactant and delivers superior cleaning performance in soil composition. It is use for all types of floor, which is also great to use on you counter tops, and other surfaces. Our floor cleaner delivers amazing results. It is ready to use, leaves spotless and residue free, fast drying, and no rinse needed, so you can go back and finish the rest of your to do list for the day.

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