Reymaker Film & Media to Bring Biblical Heroes, Divinely-Inspired Movies to America’s Large Faith-Driven Market

In a world driven to a new crisis one after another, the search for heroes goes on. While many viewers are glued to the regular, commercial stuff on TV and video platforms, their inner desire for deeply meaningful, soul searching and God-oriented content remains unfulfilled.

March 26, 2021 – A new crowd-funded startup, Reymaker Film & Media, is turning the wheels of change by vowing to produce faith-driven, divinely inspired movies. 

There is too much violence, language, and sex on the screens. Yet more and more people keep looking for adventure, inspiration, and hope. Reymaker Film & Media is America’s divinely inspired movie company for Christians and has taken on the task to bring about an essential change. Their target audience is 41 million strong (17% of the US population). Studies by American Insights show that 62% of faith-driven consumers are willing to watch over 3 hours of content on TV and movies if only they were given the options. And 40% say they miss family-friendly movies and thus do not watch them more often. 

Felix Moore, Chief Vision Caster & CEO of Reymaker Film & Media, is leading the charge for making the movies that everyone would want. Felix is creating the ‘Netflix’ of faith-driven consumers, and the proof came when their test movie won several awards.  

I understood that a partnership with other believers and independent filmmakers of faith to produce biblical, divinely inspired, and family-friendly movies and content would begin to address the problem: faith-driven consumers desire more content,” says Felix. 

The Bible is among the primary works that the media company aims to utilize to tell everyday stories. The movies will be quality, cinematic stories featuring biblical heroes. The company will make the movies and build its community and distribution channels. The first announced film is ‘The Story of Job’. 

Reymaker Film & Media is raring to go the distance when it comes to making movies that touch the soul. It is serious about outperforming the competitors. The company is crowd-funded and crowd-owned, and also on the agenda is a collaboration with members and investors, better returns on investment, and movies with high-quality craftsmanship and award-winning potential. The company will make the movies and build its community and distribution channels with the help of thousands of Christians and hundreds of faith-driven filmmakers.

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