What Makes Contemporary Architecture So Unique? by Gary Kittredge

According to RNA Senior Designer, Alex Penna, the mere challenge of finding equilibrium in asymmetrical design, is one of the most exciting elements of contemporary architecture. Over the years, the field of contemporary architecture has evolved greatly, with the best American architects embracing the unique and bold features of contemporary design.

In classically designed houses and buildings, the main concept is to have a center; the left-hand side is perfectly mirrored on the right-hand side. There was a sense of equilibrium and balance, where the importance of symmetry was paramount. However, symmetrical design is very straightforward and predictable, it does not inspire originality or trigger imaginative ideas; there is little artistic challenge in presenting a ubiquitous symmetrical design. In the present era of contemporary architecture created by New York architects, the design is more open to challenges and innovations, and accepting of bold and audacious unique impressions.

Rex Nichols Architects has fully embraced the notion of imaginative solutions, and our team is committed to presenting innovative designs and ideas for contemporary houses. We believe that contemporary architecture stimulates our creativity while addressing the changing and demanding needs of this generation.

In this day and age, families have diverse needs and very specific requests and requirements in their homes. Many of us work from home and place a great deal of importance on spaces that promote work-life balance with efficient home offices, inspiring natural surroundings, places to relax, enjoy family time and entertainment.

As you view our projects, you will see how elements of work-life balance were put into practice. The Split House Project is a case in point; we included a place for contemplation and relaxation. We purposely adopted an asymmetric design to offer a thought-provoking environment. Our client suggested an architectural style and we pushed our creative boundaries to their limits. As a result, RNA achieved a cutting-edge contemporary design for a modern building that offers an inspiring ambiance and creates a unique space.

The team at Rex Nichols Architects has a vision for contemporary houses and modern homes – we do not just design houses, but rather, we aim to create inspiring state-of-the-art architecture. We envision our projects to be distinctive and unique in every possible way, we sculpt every element beyond the bounds of imagination.


RNA specializes in cutting-edge ultra-contemporary single-family luxury homes and has won 11 American Institute of Architects awards for their compelling and sustainable designs, and has been named a Top 50 Residential Coastal Architecture Firm for the past 6 consecutive years by Ocean Home magazine. Rex Nichols Architects was founded in 1985 and has completed hundreds of projects worldwide.

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