Real-Life Music Becomes Home to Some of the Music Industry’s Most Promising Names

Real-Life Music Becomes Home to Some of the Music Industry’s Most Promising Names

Working with the right music company spells a great difference between a good music artist and a hit-maker. With competition in the industry getting more and more intense over time, having a reliable music company supporting aspiring artists gives them the confidence that they have a captain that will successfully navigate their career paths for them. Such promise is a reality with Real-Life Music LLC, a thriving music company that is founded on the simple rule of prioritizing quality over quantity, and it is for this reason why it is fast-becoming the music company of choice for several up-and-coming artists in the industry today such as SCY. 

Its commitment to produce and release quality music has defined the company’s well-known standards for excellence. It maintains an uncompromising stand when it comes to creating, accepting, promoting, and distributing Music that is considered of the highest caliber. While it believes in the value of healthy competition, Real-Life Music is all about being a trendsetter, more than following the trend and the general direction of mainstream pop artists. By maintaining its own pace and focusing on the overall growth of its artists, the company is able to maintain its promise to give them a worthwhile experience while giving music fans extraordinary songs at the same time. 

The motivation behind the development of Real-Life Music is unlike that of many companies today that are driven by profit and the desire to be popular in the industry. Its founder was moved by the sad reality he observed while wandering the streets of Crenshaw and other parts of Los Angeles, from crime to danger and the corruption that was prevalent in the middle of the 1990s. Most of the songs that were being produced at that time, however, were not as enlightening as he hoped they would be. Instead, the songs seemed to glorify crime and were mostly about partying and putting down someone else. Even the music videos at that time only depicted life as a grand party. 

Real-Life Music’s founder and CEO wanted something more to offer to music fans all over the world, most especially after what happened to famous artists Tupac and Biggie, both passing away at the height of their respective careers. Their deaths became a wake-up call, a grim reminder that life is not always a party. It is a string of ups and downs, bad days and good days, and the need to make the right choices. Without hesitating, he established Real-Life Music to bridge the gap between make-believe and reality. In doing this, he had always hoped that the company would be instrumental in influencing the understanding and mindsets of countless music fans around the world today. 

Today, Real-Life Music is home to rising singer, songwriter, and producer SCY, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He recently released his single titled The Sky is Falling which is one of the songs in his upcoming album. Despite the demands of producing a whole album, he decided to maintain his 9-5 job to stay in touch with the day-to-day experiences of ordinary people such as himself. He believes that doing this makes his songs more authentic and relatable. 

“Music has the power to heal, take you back in time to the greatest times of your life, walk you down the dark path of the pain that comes with life as well,” SCY explains. “It can also take you right into the future and brighten or darken your spirit. Music is very powerful! However, not everyone can do it to that level. It’s like a good gumbo. Everyone has the ability to boil some water in a pot, maybe even throw a few shrimp in there. But in New Orleans, where I am originally from, your gumbo has to connect with people’s taste buds to a superlative degree. I feel it’s very similar with Music,” he adds. 

In the coming years, Real-Life Music remains committed to helping as many aspiring artists as it can to overcome the many challenges involved in building a strong music career.

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