Network Marketeer Cash Cartier Attributes His Business Success to The Laws of Attraction

Network Marketeer Cash Cartier Attributes His Business Success to The Laws of Attraction

The laws of attraction are gaining a lot of attention in the business world. The belief that positivity influences a favorable outcome is not lost on logical and keen businessmen like American serial entrepreneur Kaleb Mickens also known as Cash Cartier who has successfully proved how the widespread belief has helped him achieve phenomenal success in his ventures as a digital marketer, stock trader, social media influencer, investor, and internet personality.

It has been proved time and again that the laws of attraction can exert a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Focusing on achieving a new reality by strongly believing it is possible, helps people cash in on new opportunities, take more well-calculated risks, and open up to new possibilities.

While there are skeptics who don’t believe in the laws of attraction, there are many who swear that it exists. One proof is Cash Cartier whose infectious positivity stems from a firm belief in the laws of attraction which has helped him become a prolific network marketer and brand-builder for individuals, companies and several media houses. 

Some of the biggest personalities in business, sports and even politics credit the law of attraction and positive visualization for their success. Basketball legend Michael Jordan says: “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” As a business leader, you have to envision yourself in the place you want to be before you can get there.”

Similarly, Cash Cartier a former footballer himself reinforces the belief in the Laws of Attraction that leads one in the desired direction. It is not very different from the concept of good business strategy where motivation, communication, positive thinking, visualization and accountability are the protocols of every good business organization.  These are also the steps to ensure how the laws of attraction can work for business success. 

Today Cash Cartier is called the “King of Network Marketing. He has built digital brands for a high-profile clientele through networking marketing and other media solutions. Cartier did a brief stint in the NFL as a professional indoor footballer but bad debts and financial burden led him to some introspection after which he turned his life around. Cartier learned and familiarized himself with the finance industry and since the age of 22 has been dealing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and foreign exchange. His positivity impacted his success and after deep research and technical analysis entered the network marketing industry. He has been regularly featured by the likes of Forbes, IBtimes, Influencive, Benzinga, Thrive Global and several others.

As a digital marketer and social media influencer par excellence, Cash Cartier has a huge fan following who are inspired by him and his business acumen. Through his social media handles, he has been teaching and guiding hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to start a business, focus on savings and making better financial decisions.

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