Storyboard Management Consulting Introduces Narrative Strategy To Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

Storyboard Management Consulting Introduces Narrative Strategy To Improve Employee Engagement and Retention
Innovative consulting firm, Storyboard Management Consulting, launches Narrative Strategy, a new approach to help HR executives deal with issues around employee engagement and retention

Storyboard Management Consulting is looking to chart a new course in the world of human resources while staying true to the essence of the practice – getting the best from personnel. The relatively new consulting firm recently introduced Narrative Strategy, a unique concept designed to connect a company’s mission, vision, values, and goals with its employees through video.

One of the major challenges faced by organizations irrespective of their size or industry is retaining their best talent. According to recent reports, 63.3% of midsized companies say retaining employees is harder than hiring them. This is primarily driven by low engagement with Gallup indicating only 33% of the workforce is engaged. These are expensive problems with reports indicating it can cost a business up to $45,000 to replace an employee making $60,000 annually. Consequently, several strategies have emerged over the years to help solve this problem. However, many of the available resources have yielded relatively little results, which is where Storyboard Management Consulting is looking to make a difference, particularly with the introduction of their video content-driven approach.

Narrative strategy aims to strengthen the connection between employees and employers, giving the former a sense of belonging and ultimately leading to a measurable improvement in engagement, retention, and profitability. Narrative strategy is an all-inclusive solution that starts with an 8-week custom design followed by implementation. Storyboard leverages a network of delivery partners to help implementation be hands off for HR, allowing them to focus on collecting data and maximizing the impact of their employees. 

The approach is a powerful tool that helps communicate the company’s vision and mission to employees while giving employers a wealth of useful information based on the analytics behind the videos. Video has been described as one of the most effective ways of communication and Storyboard Management Consulting is looking to leverage the power of video content to resolve a long standing problem.

The solution offered by Storyboard Management Consulting is particularly unique as it offers a proactive tool designed to be owned and driven by HR to deliver employee outcomes. Consequently, HR does not need to break the bank or seek the permission of other functions to drive organizational change. Storyboard is currently offering a 1-week, 100% value guaranteed pilot to any organization interested in test drivingNarrative Strategy.

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