Florida Moms Launch Wand Renting Company For Use At Universal Theme Parks

Florida Moms Launch Wand Renting Company For Use At Universal Theme Parks

Florida – Two Florida moms recently started their own interactive wand rental company, Rent-A-Wand, to ease adventure lovers of the financial strain that comes with buying one for over $50. According to one of the business owners, ‘‘Rent-A-Wand is an interactive wand delivery service that allows you to rent interactive wands by the day for use at Universal theme parks.’’ After a terrible experience at the park during which their kids had to share one wand, the moms found a way to save people of the same experience they had.

Rent-A-Wand is a business idea that stemmed from a trip to Universal Studios. According to a co-founder, “It all started when the kids got a day off from school. The kids had never been and it was going to be a magical day exploring the Harry Potter World. But what started as an exciting adventure, soon turned into sour faces and tears. For, unbeknownst to us, in order to perform ‘magic’, one needed to purchase a $55 wand! Well, purchasing a wand for every child was not an option, so they had to share. You can only imagine how it went from there – arguing, tears, who gets it first, how long does each child get it for, everyone waiting in long lines to use them.”

At that point, a friend’s daughter in frustration asked why it wasn’t possible to rent a wand so that everyone could have their own to use. After they returned from the park, the two moms put their heads together and created a business plan and are now thrilled to help everyone make the most of their experience. The business allows customers to rent interactive wands at an affordable rate for the whole day and return them when finished. In order to keep things simple and convenient, Rent-A-Wand delivers and picks their items up directly from the customer or their hotel.

The company also works with travel agencies to provide their service to clients who are looking to explore the park. With customer satisfaction and retainership as a top value for the business, they offer discounts consistent with the number of wands to be rented starting from the second one. Also, they operate a full refund policy to all cancellations made 48 hours or more prior to rental time. In the future, the company plans to expand its inventory to reach more adventure lovers out-there. 

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