The Digital Method Saeed Moosa Automated in Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

We all want to succeed in life and in the goals we set for ourselves, many people study and educate themselves constantly to achieve this purpose, but very few people get an effective formula to achieve their purposes, most of them all decide to follow the “regular path” or “common way” following the patterns according to which they have been taught from an early age.

Today we make mention of Saeed Moosa, a young entrepreneur born in South Africa, from the city of Johannesburg. From the beginning Saeed has been a person with a normal journey, who without needing to be a genius has achieved success in his field. Just like most people he also went to school, however he decided to abandon the schooling system when he learnt that his future was in another field.

At approximately 20 years of age, Saeed began his journey in the world of commerce, where he began as a personal salesperson promoting personal development products, achieving satisfactory results, so much so that in a very short time he had built a huge team under him.

“Society believes that you should finish school, get a degree, and go to work from 9-5 in a ‘high paying job’. However, in the midst of their labors and work they feel a lot of pressure or frustration because they want to cultivate enormous successes, just like most entrepreneurs, Saeed says.

This he achieved by forging his own route outside of academia, his learning method was something more holistic and less conventional, he decided to learn by himself everything related to marketing through practice (although of course he can help himself with the resources available on the internet according to what he told us:

“All trips start from somewhere, and I had taken some online courses on marketing and advertising that led me to use the Internet as a vehicle to drive traffic to my products and services.”

But, his point of success was to apply and implement everything he had learnt. Many people learn and prepare in this field, but very few put their hands to work, combining a focused mentality of staying firm and focused on their goals and objectives. For Saeed this is a fundamental pillar in growth, focusing more on achievements and helping others to achieve success is the way that one will continue to develop as a person.

“If you are not prioritizing and setting aside time for your own development, you will stagnate,” he said. “You have to make the time and invest that time wisely, not differently than if you were to invest any amount of money on yourself” Saeed Moosa says.

Although personal sales were only the first step of Saeed’s success, since then he changed his field to digital marketing, where he has been able to carry out his work more efficientlyby using the internet as a marketing tool.

Digital marketing has now been his source of income and personal success, to date Saeed continues to work on someprojects and is even devising new ways to reach and help people. He hopes to be recognized for such innovations so that they are trending and established as solutions to help many more people.

As part of his current projects, he has also decided to share hismarketing knowledge for those that wish to start their own online business even if they are total newbies and are fearful of technology. Saeed Moosa knows that the world of online marketing is an important trend in these times and theeconomy mode will transcend to the digital model, even with basic concepts of advertising on Facebook and Google.

“The only thing I’ve learned in life is that if YOU want something for yourself, help other people get what they want FIRST and what you want will be a by-product of that. Whatever YOU want is a by-product of providing VALUE to others, so focus on others and in turn, you will create a life for yourself that you didn’t think was possible.”

Thinking, planning and preparing is very important, but none of that makes sense if you don’t implement it, life is about “trial and error”, we must constantly implement to improvethe processes and maintain a focused mentality.

“If your only goal is to make money for yourself, the journey will become very difficult. If your goal is to help others and to please the Almighty creator, then the journey will become very easy. Money is always the byproduct of value, so having the correct mindset, will ultimately benefit you in the long term.”Saeed Moosa 

He believes that everything provided in this world is by the Almighty and we must give him gratitude daily.

“All achievements and success only happens by his will and decree. I am very grateful to my creator, without him we all would be nothing.”

You can learn much more about Saeed Moosa and his projectsby accessing his website or Facebook (surely you will find something interesting there).

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