America’s #1 Patient Advocate Coach, Taajah M. Phenezy, Teaches People How to Fight for Their Sick Loved Ones During Covid

Taajah lost her only child, KJ, to medical malpractice. She vows to spend the rest of her life educating Americans so they never have to experience the pain of losing someone due to incompetence in a hospital.

America's #1 Patient Advocate Coach, Taajah M. Phenezy, Teaches People How to Fight for Their Sick Loved Ones During CovidHundreds of millions of Americans are dealing with the anxiety of being secluded during COVID. Even worse, over 550,000 Americans have died from complications of COVID. Some were able to die at home surrounded by friends and family. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who die from COVID are forced to die alone in the hospital. There are no friends and family members holding their hand. Dying alone is a very real phobia that many had before COVID. The reality of dying alone is heightened in today’s world. Dying is sad enough. Ladies and Gentleman, dying alone is totally devastating. Zoom and video calls can never replace the touch of someone you love.

‘Honestly, if KJ had to die (that’s debatable), I’m ok with it being in 2017 instead of during this COVID crisis,’ says Taajah. ‘Unlike the millions of people who currently have sick loved ones, I was fortunate to be able to be by my son’s bedside every single day, during the 48 days KJ was hospitalized.’

Let’s face it, COVID has changed the way hospitals do business on every unit. If you’re admitted for a heart attack, stroke, infection, organ transplant or any other infliction; your visitations will be extremely limited, if it’s allowed at all. Realisticly, hospitals are forced to limit who from the public can come in and out in order to protect their patients and staff from COVID. As sad as it sounds, it’s in our best interests.

Medical malpractice is the 4th leading cause of death in America. Prior to COVID, medical malpractice was the 3rd leading cause of death. ‘We had problems with our medical care before COVID. I can’t imagine what’s happening behind in these patients’ rooms with an overwhelmed hospital system, an exhausted staff and no one to advocate for the patients,’ adds Taajah.

‘This is why I wrote The Dumb Patient Meets COVID!” Millions of family members don’t have the luxury to be with their sick loved ones during their hospitalization, yet patients still need someone to advocate for them. When they’re in dire health, a patient may not have a voice of their own, so family members have speak on their loved one’s behalf. We can’t just turn a blind eye and hope that the overwhelmed hospital system will suddenly make no errors,’ says Taajah.

‘I learned so much fighting for great healthcare for my son. With all the knowledge that I’ve obtained, the hospital screwed up right in my face. I was literally begging them to do the right thing. I’m determined to help as many people as I can. I don’t want to see another Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Friend… grieve due to medical malpractice.’

“The Dumb Patient Meets COVID” can currently be found on as an immediate e-book or download for only $5.00. 

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