What are the advantages and disadvantages of various metal signs?

At present, there is a wide variety of nameplate products, among which metal products are the most concerned and popular kind of products. It can be seen that this steel structure product has a variety of different effects. The first thing the buyer can see is that it has a good price. Therefore, if people build such products, they can spend less money and enjoy a strong price advantage. It’s obviously very beneficial for everybody, it helps a lot, it works a lot. Then, the metal nameplate manufacturer for Weihua to introduce the metal nameplate in what aspects can bring advantages.

In addition, metal nameplates have a variety of use advantages.

The first is its long service life, the use of stainless steel or aluminum alloy products usually can be used for more than 30, 50 years.It can bring good application effect and has a long service life.This can also make the whole product more cost-effective. As a result, it is widely used in a variety of different environments today. Because of its no matter in what kind of environment, can maintain its own good effect.

Another advantage of using metal nameplates is that the product can be created in more diverse sizes and shapes. People can more easily according to their actual needs on the product for a new design or transformation, or in the later transformation, which is extremely convenient. It’s a very effective way to help people and really allow everyone to enjoy the top results in these areas and have a better experience. Let everyone can get satisfactory experience and effect, really bring effective effect to people.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of various metal signs?

There are many kinds of metal signs materials to choose from. In various fields, the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive. As for the material selection, Weihua should pay attention to the environment and conditions of the use of the material selection. Since metal signs of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages, Weihua should be good at choosing.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of various metal signs:

1. Aluminum alloy sign

Aluminum belongs to the lighter metal, plasticity strong plasticity, easy to grind, cutting and the corresponding mechanical operation. In addition, the aluminum alloy logo has a strong metallic luster, suitable for the distribution of some advanced places as a logo. Of course, not only that, it can also be used in furniture, decoration, cars, operations and other places that need to be identified.

But the aluminum brand due to its own characteristics also have corresponding shortcomings, such as hardness is not high, by a strong external force, will make its deformation, and the melting point of aluminum is low, so the aluminum brand will die quickly at high temperature.

2. Stainless steel plate

Relative to the aluminum brand, the stainless steel brand has a strong stiffness and higher strength, in the outdoor use will often bear greater external force, stainless steel brand also has a lot of varieties, different varieties of strength and plasticity are different. And stainless steel logo is often used in the equipment nameplate of machinery manufacturers, because the metal name plates for equipment may be subject to high temperature when running, so the high melting point of stainless steel will come in handy.

The defects of stainless steel signs: Weihua should know that stainless steel also belongs to iron, its density is very large, so it has long had its weight, which caused great inconvenience to the transportation device.

3. Copperplate

The bronze medal itself has a gold or bronze color, which is why many manufacturers require it. Such as MEDALS, gold MEDALS and related anti gold handicrafts and works of art, in the process of sign production, will use a lot of technology to transform the bronze medal, bright color and so on.

The defects of copper signs: bronze medal weight, manufacturing process complex and so on.

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