In Conversation With America’s Rising Event Planner And Entrepreneur – Sydney Keller


Sydney’s work exudes pure grit, passion and an eye for detail for turning events into incredible success stories.

The world around us is constantly changing. There have been rapid developments and advancements that have been taking places across industries of the world. With so much happening, we also saw the emergence of many new talents setting foot into the entrepreneurial world to not only work with the aim to gain success but also offer value to people through their businesses. Offering this unique value to people by planning, consulting and managing events is Sydney Keller from the US, who has been making a lot of headlines with her luxury and boutique event planning company named SK & Event Consultants, stunning people with unique and custom events.

Today, we got in touch with the brain behind SK & Event Consultants from Florida, Sydney Keller, to know more about her journey and what keeps her distinctive in the industry.

  • Tell us about your journey in the events planning and consulting niche.

Well, I started in the industry two years ago and only knew that my passion and conviction were my ammunition, which could drive me towards the success I desired in the industry. However, I did not launch my firm until December 2020 and now, here I am, as the head honcho of SK & Event Consultants, which is slowly rising as a luxury and boutique event planning company of Florida.

  • What has motivated or inspired you on your journey?

The #1 priority for me and my firm is and will always be to see our clients the happiest with our event planning solutions and services. Their happy faces motivate me to push my limits and go beyond boundaries to create benchmarks for others. As a passionate team, we are driven to create a memorable experience for each of our clients and their near and dear ones.

  • What made your social media presence grow in such a short period?

I believe we were quite consistent on posting things on the medium. People also liked how we shared everything about the events and decorations, showcasing what we are capable of. Hence, people started following us more and were spellbound seeing the services we provided with our company. Also, I noticed there is a trend of new followers after every event. We knew the power and value of social media platforms and hence, kept posting regularly.

  • What are your upcoming projects?

We have already travelled for our first official event in February. I am excited about the row of birthday parties coming up in the next few months. There is also a baby shower in Orlando and many more inquiries coming in from across the US.

  • What makes your company stand apart from others?

The white-glove approach, where our team works closely with each of our clients, providing them with custom and individualized solutions. This has made us remain distinctive in the industry.

Sydney Keller is also proud about the fact that SK & Event Consultants have yet not faced any failures and with every event under them, they have provided something different to their clients. Looking at the early success of Sydney Keller in event planning and consulting, one can imagine the feats she is yet to achieve in the coming years.

To connect with her, follow the Instagram handles, @SydneyAKeller, @skeventconsultants or visit the website,

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