Keep Safe in Such a Hard Time: Abegal S Home Security Camera

According to FBI reports, one robbery brutality happens every 25 seconds in United State. Now the cases of Covid-19 arise thousands per day. During this hard time, installing an outdoor security camera is an essential stride to keep safe i.e. no need to talk face-to-face.

Talk Like Face-to-face

Equipped with 2-way audio technology, Abegal S security camera helps talk in long distance and thus effectively decreases unnecessary social contact. Only slightly tap the microphone on the app and begin the conversation with those who stand in front of the door. Enjoy conversations fluently, continue to talk and never miss any word as Abegal S supports real-time record and talk. Talk like face-to-face despite being in different places!

Life Should Be Colorful

With IR-CUT dual filter lens and infrared lights, Abegal S wireless camera is the 1st one that simultaneously adapts colored and black & white night vision modes. It’s smart enough to automatically switch the night vision mode according to the ambient light level. Even at night, users can still enjoy beautiful colorful night sight, not boring black and white one.

Not Only as Outdoor Camera

Abegal always insists on One for All concept which makes Abegal S home security camera can be used indoor and outdoor. Click-to-call, the most innovative function of this home camera, shows this concept thoroughly. Tape the call button on the top of the camera and a call message will be sent to users’ phone. Abegal not only can monitor the situation but also can prevent emergencies by making a phone call to the camera owner.

AI Tech Catch Human Face

Equipped with AI human face recognition technology, Abegal S camera analyzes visitor’s faces immediately and stores them in the cloud. Each time the same face shows, Abegal highlights it in the recorded video. No need to open the door to check who’s visiting. Abegal S can be your doorbell camera as well.

For anyone that might need an outdoor security camera, Abegal is worth the price tag!

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