Jeff Levine Launches Widely Anticipated Wealth Builders Television Show

Phoenix, AZ, USA – March 26, 2021 – Jeffrey Levine is committed to removing the guesswork from strategic business planning by guiding executive teams to effectively meet and exceed target targets, marketing objectives, and financial targets. And now he’s passing that knowledge on to the rest of the business community with the launch of Wealth Builders, his new television show, on May 15, 2021. The show will feature guests such as Loral Langemeier, Bill Walsh, and Dr. Tony O’Donnell.

Wealth Builders will be streamed via traditional social media channels and via iHeart Radio, ROKU, and Amazon Prime through a partnership with eZWay Broadcasting. Jeffrey will discuss his financial planning expertise and outline profitable business exit strategies.

Jeffrey Levine is an independent financial strategist with JL Wealth Solutions who has over 30 years of experience in the financial planning and tax planning realm. He describes himself as a “WealthBuilder” who takes a healthy portfolio and adds a creative vision, then designs a strategic plan to attain and retain generational wealth.

He produces healthy, long-lasting results for companies, non-profits, and top executives. More than just a strategist, Levine is a transformational leader who motivates and persuades top leadership with his coveted opinions and trusted judgments.

Jeffrey Levine anticipates meeting with you, your family, or your organization to discuss your financial planning and tax preparation objectives. For a free consultation or to list your business on the WealthBuilders television network, please visit JeffreyLevine.Solutions today.

About Jeffrey Levine

Jeffrey Levine is a highly skilled Tax and Financial Planner and Business Strategist and a published author and sought-after speaker. He’s been featured in national magazines, on the cover of Influential People Magazine, and a frequently featured expert on radio, talk shows, and documentaries. Mr. Levine attended the prestigious Albany Academy for High School and then went on to the University of Hartford at Connecticut, University of Mississippi Law School, Boston University School of Law, and earned an L.L.M. in Taxation. His accolades include features in both Kiplinger and Family Circle Magazine, requests as a dedicated commentator for both Channel 6 and 13 news shows, a contributor for the Albany Business review, and a guest for WGY Radio.

Mr. Levine has accumulated over 30 years of experience as a Tax Attorney and Certified Financial Planner and has given over 500 speeches nationally. Mr. Levine’s curriculum is centered around professional and personal development and co-founder of the Carnegie Principle Mastering Group. Jeffrey’s lifelong mission is to give back to people in need by coaching them to utilize their available resources to meet or exceed their desired objectives. Mr. Levine is the executive producer and cast member in the highly praised documentary ‘Beyond the Secret, The Awakening.’

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