STEMart Announces Medical Device Design Services for the Biomedical Industry

STEMart recently announces medical device design services for life science and medical industry.

New York, USA – March 26, 2021 – STEMart, a provider of integrated medical device CRO services dedicated to medical device and diagnostic clinical development, recently announces medical device design services for life science and medical industry. Various areas of the medical device design service are covered, including the endoscopic devices, NOTES devices, clinical diagnostic devices, mHealth devices and wearable sensors, and infusion systems.

Medical device design is a complex sphere that includes creation and development of effective and life-improving tools and technologies aimed at reducing life risks and helping with medical equipment enhancement. Medical devices design is an important aspect of product design, since numerous groundbreaking medical tools and advanced equipment help save and improve people’s lives.

STEMart gains a deeper understanding of the underlying technology, and forms a design engineering team made up of professionals specific to customer needs. STEMart offers such medical device design services for various areas, such as endoscopic devices, laparoscopic tools, NOTES devices, access devices, surgical robotics, emergency care systems, and catheter based delivery systems.

In the course of the design process, STEMart will keep contact with the clienteles with the main aim to follow all requirements and instructions. The engineers will work easily in the virtual world to transform completely new medical device or sub-system concepts into proven design principles. Making full use of the quality by design tools and methodologies, STEMart can help its customers’ team to make important early choices that generate great advantages later in the development chain.

“STEMart can also work as an independent stakeholder or integral part of clients’ design team or whichever way that you need to get the job done efficiently. Medical product design is important in addressing the complex challenges and needs of a changing healthcare system. With our medical design service, you’ll benefit from the innovation in both products and systems.” said Brian N. Griffith, Product Portfolio Manager at STEMart.

“STEMart offers medical device design services of great quality that remain a mixture of right proportions, aesthetical view, ergonomics advantages and great convenience. With experts and experience in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development and engineering, biomedical engineering, industrial design, FDA guidelines, and medical engineering physics, STEMart has the specialists your medical device design requires.” said Brian N. Griffith, Product Portfolio Manager at STEMart.

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