Medspa Advertising Perfects the Ultimate Online Marketing Strategy for Medical Aesthetic Centers

The company spills the secret sauce of how medical spas should run Facebook and Instagram ads to get booked appointments with their ideal patients.

MedSpa Advertising is an online marketing company whose sole focus is the medical aesthetic industry. They only work with medspas, cosmetic dermatologists and similar medical professionals that have body contouring and facial rejuvenation services. With more than three years of experience in the medical aesthetics industry, the company has helped over 100 locations, with many of their clients becoming seven-figure practices.

The marketing company specializes in Facebook and Instagram advertising, and it knows that placing the ads is just a quarter of the work. Medical aesthetic centers need to commit more if they want high ROI. As such, MedSpa Advertising provides pro tips for making online marketing materials and handling customers.

One doesn’t need a professional photographer or videographer to have a successful ad on social media. Authentic personal moments with the staff and patients — even when taken by a simple smartphone camera — always outperform professional creatives. Social media users have grown wary of ads that look contrived and prefer to see ones that look like organic posts. These ads’ landing pages need to be mobile optimized. Facebook now has 2.8 billion monthly active users, and 98 percent are accessing Facebook and Instagram on their mobile phones.

The team knows how to get results for the medical aesthetic industry because that’s all they focus on. With every ad campaign on Facebook, they know what kind of ad copy, headline and creative works. Clinics that work with MedSpa Advertising save time in scheduling patients and have the ability to book patients 24/7. Most of this runs in the background, and it can generate 10–25 new paying customers per month.

The marketing company provides clinics with proven systems that organize their practice — helping them get new leads with Facebook and Instagram ads, automating the follow-up to produce a higher show ratio than manual follow-ups and making sure those leads come in through the doors and become long-term patients.

“I’ve been working in the local advertising space (previous employee at LivingSocial) for over a decade, and more recently, I’ve been working with just medical aesthetic practices to bring them patients on demand — not leads, not impressions, not clicks but high-paying patients. We want to bring you your ideal patient,” said Evan Shapiro, Founder & CEO of

MedSpa Advertising’s services are unique, and they are more than capable of generating medical aesthetic patients on demand. The company has been featured in FOX, NBC, CBS and USA Today.

More information can be found at or by contacting their Founder & CEO, Evan Shapiro at or texting him at (310) 486-4452.

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MedSpa Advertising is an online marketing company that helps medspas, cosmetic dermatologists and similar medical professionals acquire more patients through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

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