Singapore tech company successfully launched the first-ever multifunctional docking station with power bank on Kickstarter

Dockpro, the ultimate multifunctional 16-in-1 USB C docking station that will streamline a workspace, assure universal compatibility, and support with immediate power backup with a solid in-built 10,000 mAh power bank.

No more wasting hours on setting up cables for starting your computer. No more tangled cables. And no more missing office video calls for a sudden drop in laptop battery. Singapore-based Cearus Technologies has recently launched the First-ever multifunctional 16-in-1 USB C docking station that would transform a laptop into a complete working station. Titled “Dockpro”, the state-of-the-art docking station would not only bid adieu to hassles of tangled cables but would also support battery emergency with power bank functionality.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Dockpro is equipped with as many as 16 practical features that are specially infused to ensure a fully functional workstation, even when a person is working from home-office in the current pandemic era.

“We are excited to introduce to you the ultimate docking station for your laptop. Dockpro has been designed keeping in mind every aspect of your office so that you can enjoy a decluttered, hassle-free, versatile and convenient working environment even when you are working from your home office. We all know the frustration of sitting down before the computer and struggling for hours with the setup. The mesh of cables around makes the situation even messier. This is where our state-of-the-art Dockpro will come to the rescue. With 16 practical features, this multifunctional all-in-one docking station will streamline your whole office setup easily so that you can savor a stress-free comfortable working ambiance”, stated a leading spokesperson from Cearus Technologies.

Dockpro comes with a mighty power bank (10,000 mAh) to cater to those urgent power requirements of a laptop or cell phone or tablet.

“Dockpro would be your ‘urban savior power source’. It’s well equipped to provide that extra juice for your laptop (up to 30%), iPhone (up to 3-4 times), Android phone (3-4 times), and tablet when your devices are in dire and immediate need of power. This revolutionary multifunctional docking station supports Qi wireless charging for both iPhone and Android.”

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed the universal compatibility quotient of Dockpro. The latest docking station is not only compatible with existing ports but, unlike regular docking stations, is also compatible with brand new USB 3.0 ports as recently adopted by Apple and Huawei. 

Top features of Dockpro:

● First-ever 16-in-1 multifunctional docking station

● Universal compatibility, including compatibility with the newest USB 3.0 ports

● Comes with a 10,000 mAh power bank

Superfast charging

● Over 10 times faster data transmission than regular competitors

● Gigabit Ethernet

● SD & TF card reader

● Qi Wireless charging

● LED battery indicator

● Compatible with all phones, even with cases on

● Made with high-grade aluminum which makes it sturdy and durable and also eliminates worries of getting overheated

And more

“Dockpro is ‘the’ docking station that you have been waiting for to turn your office into a highly effective and functional workspace. As of now, we are looking forward to starting mass production and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Dockpro to life and make things easier, streamlined, and hassle-free for all professionals.”

To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter campaign.

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