Get Better Sleep with SLEEPTYDE™’s innovative wrinkle-free bedsheet tensioning system

SLEEPTYDE™ is a cutting-edge wrinkle-free fitted bedsheet with a unique tensioning system, resulting in improved sleep quality every night.

Meet SLEEPTYDE™, a new redefined wrinkle-free fitted bedsheet that will adjust to the user’s comfort level, resulting in a deep sleep every night. Titled “SLEEPTYDE™,” the product boasts the world’s FIRST bedsheet tensioning system, which will not only hold the sheets in place but will also protect the mattress underneath. 

The FIRST-of-its-kind, SLEEPTYDE™, can be defined as a Wrinkle-Free bed sheet with a tensioning system to get the best fit for your needs. The bedsheet is intelligently designed to regulate the user’s body temperature to ensure a comfy sleeping environment that can eventually lead to better slumber. 

The USP of SLEEPTYDE™ is its patented tectonic plates that help to create the tensioning mechanism. Inspired by nature, these plates move towards each other, eventually shrinking the base layer. Now, as the plates move towards each other, the belt’s force is evenly transferred to the zipper edge, effortlessly connecting the bedsheet. It leads to base-layer contraction, which brings the desired “tightened” effect for the bedsheet.

“A comfortable sleeping environment is fundamental to a peaceful slumber. The bedding industry has been trying to make the ideal bed for good sleep for years, but sleep quality inadequacies have barely changed. After extensive market research, we realized the bedding industry has been missing out on a crucial ingredient for better sleep all these years -and that is a wrinkle-free fitted bedsheet with the right tensioning system that can adjust to the user’s body temperature. It led us to develop our state-of-the-art bedsheet for that good night sleep we all craved for. Thus, SLEEPTYDE™ was born”, stated Sean and Gabriel, the creators behind the SLEEPTYDE™.

“Our revolutionary wrinkle-free sheets will transform your sleep space and optimize your mattress with the least effort. It comes with different tightness levels, which can be adjusted according to specific user preferences and without the need for extra manpower. The sheet also features a fully-enclosed base layer, which will protect your mattress from mold, mildew, bug infestation, or chemical/liquid damage. Put simply, our patented tensioning system guarantees the plush ‘5-star’ sleeping experience, which you only get from world-class hotels. It must also be stressed here that Sleeptyde’s tensioning system will not only hold your sheets in place but will also guard your mattress from underneath.”

Speaking on, the SLEEPTYDE™ founders ensured an eco-friendly product, with due respect to the protection of Mother Earth. The bedsheet is thoroughly made from sustainable materials only, including Lyocell, Tyvek®, and Econyl fabric.

“SLEEPTYDE™ is your one-stop answer to sound sleep and a fresh active start each morning. At present, we are looking forward to mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring SLEEPTYDE™ to life and make sleep better for all. Our campaign also offers you an opportunity to contribute towards an environmental-friendly sustainable production chain and a greener planet.”

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