Chase Masterson Hosts the Artemis Women In Action Film Festival’s 6th Edition Live Events April 23-25, 2021.

AWIAFF 2021 announces the host of their virtual film festival; the founders Melanie Wise and Zac Baldwin talk about what to expect for the 6th edition; and Artemis Women in Action Film Festival welcomes Ameri Law PC, Final Draft, Action Factory, and AXTionWear as sponsors.

As the Artemis Women In Action Film Festival (AWIAFF) gears up for their 6thedition, hosting for the second year is Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space 9, The Flash, ER). Masterson is an award-winning actress and a singer who has amassed a growing list of credits that also include founder and spokesperson of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition: a charity with the mission to teach real-life heroism over bullying, racism, misogyny, and more. Chase Masterson divides her time between her nonprofit and her busy career in entertainment.

“Women are still unsung heroes in so many capacities. The Artemis Women In Action Film Fest is the exception to that rule with a brilliant celebration of filmmakers who feature brave and exciting women onscreen, highlighting both individuals and this vital area of the entertainment industry as a whole. This type of entertainment would not exist as we know it without these intrepid souls, and it is an honor to host the AWAIFF, to hear their stories and to celebrate their spectacular work.” –Chase Masterson


About the Festival’s Activities

From binge watching to leisurely enjoying the content in the 6th edition, the $29.95 all-access pass holders will be able to watch approximately 26 hours of streaming content, available to view for 30 days, and includes narrative and documentaries in many genres both feature length and short.  Audience members can congregate with Artemis and festival participants for the scheduled live events between April 23-25, 2021. The Artemis Welcome is set for Friday evening, April 23rd. The All-Stars of Stunts panel, screenwriter and music roundtables are set for Saturday and Sunday (24-25th). Live events will conclude with competition awards presentation on Sunday evening, April 25th. Advance ticket sales begin on April 1, and content will be available approximately April 9, 2021, through May 10, 2021.

All edition details:

“It’s been a pleasure for me to look at all the projects coming in from all over the world.  Through all different genres and styles is the running theme of strong women kickin’ ass in a variety of ways.  This year was especially hard to pare down hundreds of entries to 80 creators this year with 52 films, 12 screenplay finalists, and 16 music finalists.” Artemis Co-Founder Zac Baldwin

“I’m incredibly excited about this year’s live virtual events (happening Apr 23-25, 2021).  We are placing this year’s focus squarely upon the creators in 2021 Official Selections. Our hope is to offer our audience members an amazing opportunity to see these works and get to know the creators.  Additionally, we are offering our signature panel, ‘The All-Stars of Stunts,’ because the stunt community is the bedrock that brings female action and empowerment heroes to life; it has been a staple of the festival since its inception, and one that we could not forego!” – Artemis Executive Director & Founder, Melanie Wise

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival is pleased to announce the following sponsors:

• Ameri Law, PC to provide legal consultation to a winning feature film
• Final Draft, a Cast & Crew Company to provide winning screenwriters with their award-winning screenplay software
• Action Factory to provide custom swag to winning films in action categories
• AXTionWear to provide AW gear for winning films in action categories

“Ameri Law, PC is proud to announce we will be an official sponsor of the 6th edition of The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival. We are excited to meet this year’s contestants and patrons, and to be offering a free consultation prize to this year’s feature film winner.” – Owner & Founder Nina Ameri

“We have women that are capable, men, little people, big people, Black, white, Asian, Iranian, whatever you want to call it, we have it. It’s our responsibility to keep up to date with the growing [stunt] population. We can’t rely on what used to work for those guys in the past. We need to create our own for the future.” –AXTionWear founder and Stuntwoman Crystal Michelle, Agenda Collector’s Issue 2019: “Artemis Women Kick Ass!”

About the Sponsors:


Ameri Law, PC is a hands-on law firm dedicated to helping those navigate the entertainment industry and achieve all creative and business goals through a holistic, cost-effective approach. With extensive experience from matters involving talent representation, production legal, film finance to intellectual property. Ameri Law, PC protects interests by handling legal needs in a conscientious and cost-effective manner by demystifying legalese and red tape, leaving creators free to focus on what’s important through providing strategic guidance on all things entertainment, intellectual property, and business. With significant experience in several practice areas, Ameri Law, PC is positioned to provide clients with a holistic approach to legal issues while fiercely protecting legal interests without compromising business goals. Constantly adapting to the rapidly changing entertainment industry, Ameri Law, PC takes into account short and long-term goals to provide the best legal guidance. Whether the niche is in the traditional media universe of films and television or the new media world of digital content – Ameri Law, PC has it covered.

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Final Draft, A Cast & Crew Company has published Final Draft® software—the number one screenwriting application in the world—for 30 years. Final Draft automatically paginates and formats your script to industry standards, allowing writers to focus on what they do best, writing scripts. Used by such industry giants as J.J. Abrams, James Cameron, and Aaron Sorkin, Final Draft software is the professional’s choice and the entertainment industry standard. In addition to its flagship software product, Final Draft offers the annual Big Break® Contest, a screenwriting competition that launches careers and awards over $100,000 in cash and prizes. Final Draft also offers Final Draft Mobile for iPhone and iPad, making creativity truly portable.

To learn more about Final Draft and its products and services, visit


Action Factory is a one-stop action resource providing equipment sales, rentals, and services to the Entertainment Industry. Born out of necessity, Action Factory was created to fulfill a need for better technologically designed products for stunt professionals by stunt professionals. Using exact sciences across multiple platforms, coupled with real life experience, the design process ensures that AF delivers products that will be of great benefit and improvement to professional stuntmen and women.



Stunt professionals know all too well just how hard it can be to find truly reliable safety pads. That’s why AXTionWear has developed a line of state-of-the-art stunt pads designed with the unique needs of female stunt performers in mind. Created specifically for women’s bodies — and also offering men’s designs — AXTionWear’s safety pads enable the wearer to take on even the most complex stunts with confidence:

“When we put a full body suit together for you, we give you a “barcode” that tells us exactly how your body is shaped. Next time you need a suit, we have your exact measurements and dimensions on file. Our suits are currently available online and will soon be featured at the specialty safety store AMSPEC, Inc., Southwest Costume Rentals, and more.” – Crystal Michelle, AXTionWear’s Founder & Award-Winner Stuntwoman

About Chase Masterson:

Chase Masterson’s credits include Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Doctor Who Big Finish, VIENNA, and The Flash. She hosted Sci-Fi Entertainment opposite Bruce Campbell in Terminal Invasion for SyFy, played opposite Jerry O’Connell in Sliders, and co-hosted NBC Sunday Night at the Movies with Ryan Seacrest and the renowned STARMUS Gala in Zurich. Her guest-star credits include the Emmy-winning episode of ER and Presidio Med, and a recurring role on General Hospital. Masterson’s feature film lead roles include a mysterious jazz singer in eOne’s acclaimed sci-fi noir, Yesterday Was a Lie and the title role in Je Suis Auto. Chase is also singer with several CDs, including Thrill of the Chase, Ad Astra, Jazz Cocktail, and Rendezvous. In 2013, she founded the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, the first nonprofit organization to teach real-life heroism over bullying, racism, misogyny, LGBTQI-bullying, and cyberbullying; using stories from pop culture TV, comics, and film. The Coalition works in schools, pop culture cons, and children’s hospitals.

For more information on Chase Masterson and the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, please visit and

About Artemis Women In Action Film Festival:

Melanie Wise and Zac Baldwin, two filmmakers with a longtime love of female-driven action films, together founded the Artemis Women In Action Film Festival. Wise and Baldwin have produced shorts and features, focusing on female action projects. They saw that audiences around the world loved the genre despite the fact that studios (for many years) claimed female action films were box office poison. In 2014, the idea of Artemis was born with the intent to create a space where these types of films could play for audiences with an unsatisfied hunger of female-driven action films.

And for the 6thEdition, Artemis is proud to include for the second year women-powered music, sponsored by Bella Composers:

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